Like everyone, we’ve been making New Year’s resolutions. To kick-start the blog this year, here are Helen’s hopes and goals for 2011.

Most people will have made some New Year Resolutions – some may have already started, some may have been broken already and some may be waiting until the start of next week to really get going. This year though, I haven’t made a list of resolutions – instead I have chosen a word and this is going to be at the core of what I want to achieve. And this year my word is ‘Balance’.

The final 3 months of 2010 were absolutely manic – and whilst I am used to being busy (and in some ways thrive on it) it had all become too much. I am not someone who does well with diets or giving things up completely or hard and fast rules – I need some flexibility which is how, having taken the time to think about what went wrong, I can see that it wasn’t any 1 thing – it just was a lack of balance between all the various aspects of my life – family, home, friends, health work, business, even sleep and feeling like I wasn’t getting anything right.

What I am hoping is that with just 1 thing to focus on I won’t become bogged down in a list of achievements. If I have to make a decision about something I can measure it against my word – “Will doing this help me have balance?” and therefore make some decisions easier to make from that perspective. It will be easy to measure – and again this can be flexible to allow for the ‘real life’ world in which I live – has my day been balanced, or my week? – if not how can I ensure that the month is balanced and therefore will redirect me to where my attention needs to be.

Our MTB Bedford meeting next week is a Vision Boards workshop and I will be creating mine around this word rather than an end goal – and then I will display it proudly somewhere very visual at home so all my friends and family can help remind me if I start to wobble.

Have you made any resolutions or set yourself any goals? Do you have one word that encapsulates what you want to achieve this year? Have you planned how to achieve them and who will help you?

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