Busy mums who are starting up a new business deserve all the support that they can get. But many traditional banks just don’t seem to appreciate the demands on time when you’re juggling looking after kids with trying to put energy into getting a business off the ground.

But there is an alternative to the jumping through hoops that setting up a business account can sometimes entail: a prepaid card account.

Cards can be ordered online in a few minutes, and acceptance is guaranteed as long as the customer is 18 or over and lives in the UK. There are no formal interviews or masses of documents to dig out, and no drain on valuable time. And when the card’s paid for, it’s delivered in just 3-5 working days.

Once the prepaid account’s up and running, the business simply tops up the account with money at any UK Post Officeâ branch, at over 1,250 stores around the UK, or via online banking  –  at a time that suits the busy mum. What’s more, transactions can be tracked for free online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A handy feature if your schedule doesn’t fit around traditional banking hours.

And because it’s easy to monitor transactions and because there’s no pre-agreed credit limit, business spending just can’t spiral out of control, even if the kids occasionally run wild.

Many small businesses also find prepaid cards useful for managing petty cash – again, it’s simple to see where money is being spent, and it’s a lot more secure to have petty cash loaded onto a prepaid card than have money just lying around the office. After all, if a prepaid card is lost or stolen, a quick call to the card company can cancel the card, protecting the money that’s been loaded onto it.

Prepaid cards are also great for taking care of travel expenses, from paying for train and airline tickets to petrol, hotels and sustenance. Plus it’s safer to carry a prepaid card than carrying large amounts of cash around. What’s more, a card makes paying online or over the phone simple.

On top of being an excellent expense management tool, a prepaid card such as the Cashplus Business Expenses Account, can cut down on traditional business banking costs, with free cash and bank transfer deposits and no unexpected penalties. Plus there are no expensive monthly fees – just an annual fee of only £29.99!

What’s more, prepaid cards can also be used to pay employees, cutting out the valuable time spent on paying staff with cash or cheques.

So all in all, any time-pressed mum that’s running a business should consider just how useful a prepaid business account could be, offering excellent value for money and convenient online service 24/7 – to fit around anyone with a packed schedule.


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