“Do not go crazy a lot. It’s a waste of time.”   From “How to be Perfect” by Ron Padgett.

I am not sure I agree with this statement, but I do like it!  It would really depend on your definition of crazy…

There are so many responsibilities and so much to fit into each day. Whether you go out to work, or work from home, you will have no doubt almost done a full day before you leave/start work. I work from home and with my youngest daughter not yet at school my day needs to adapt at a moments notice. It can be crazy but we get there in the end.

Today started particularly well, but this didn’t last for long! I had a crazy moment early morning. An unexpected phone caller brought up a problem I thought had been resolved a good while ago. The email I had sent at least 3 months ago had not been passed onto the correct department and was lost. While getting my head around this I became very annoyed, this is something I don’t see as my problem and I had already spent some time helping to sort it out. This was nothing short of incompetence, suddenly I felt I didn’t have time for this and I lost my patience! I have to admit I was slightly crazy! The poor man at the end of the phone sounded a little surprised when he said:

“Is that how we are leaving it then?”

“Yes” was my haughty reply

This did mean when I forwarded the lost email I had to add an apology – crazy did not help this situation is was just a waste of time!

Some craziness is comfortable, some craziness is relaxing and some plain indulgent but every day needs some controlled crazy. Some examples of my list:

  • Dance madly to or just play music I like
  • My favourite and most comfortable clothes are definitely not to be seen out of the house
  • Mid afternoon naps, not often there is time or opportunity
  • Chocolate, cup of tea and a gossipy magazine.
  • Knitting
  • Glitter, there can never be too much
  • Vampire movies or ‘Brat Pack’ movies
  • Warner Bros. cartoons
  • A little online gambling, always with extreme caution!
  • Any excuse to wear wellies
  • Crunching leaves in my wellies!

Everyone should have a pair of wellies

  • Running down a grassy hillside, maybe in my wellies
  • Sledging, snowballs, snowmen or anything to do with snow

We all deserve a little ‘me time’ and my list isn’t wild, but a bit of crazy can be a great waste of time!


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