Dealing with Self Doubt when Freelancing - Mum's the Boss

Freelancing is tough – but very rewarding. There are times when you will doubt being a freelancer. Whenever you hear yourself saying, “I’m not sure about this one. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it,” or, “This is too difficult for me. I just can’t do it,” then you know you have for fallen into the trap of ‘self-doubt.’

self doubt

Follow the advice below to kick-start your fight against that self-doubt.

Acknowledge your past successes:

Take time, when you are experiencing self-doubt, to acknowledge the projects or jobs that have made you proud.  There is no rule that says that you cannot be proud of your skills and talents.Remind yourself what you are good at – no matter how minor the talent may be. Create your own personal projects and motivate yourself to get ‘back in the game.’


The fact that you feel you’re ‘not good enough’ is the reason for your self-doubt. Therefore, try your best to educate yourself by learning new skills. This will equip you with the knowledge and power to tackle any new situation you find yourself in.

Get out and stay away from your comfort zone:

Comfort zones can be very dangerous, especially when it starts affecting your work negatively. Move away from your comfort zone when you experience self-doubt.

Explore new opportunities:

Start new projects that can give you different, fresh experiences.

Keep yourself grounded:

If you feel yourself lingering in the past and harping on comments clients have said to you, this is the call to get back into the present.  Focus on what you need to do and remind yourself why you wanted to be a freelancer. Tell yourself, “I’m here to do this and learn from what I do. Nothing will upset me.”

Take time out:

Step away from a project that may be causing you a bit of self-doubt and place your focus on something completely different. This may not always be possible due to deadlines, but do it even if you can only step away for an hour or so. Listen to music, dance, walk around the block – anything that can allow you time to re-focus and let go of the self-doubt energy you may have stored up. Use this time to reflect; it should make the completion of your project bearable and hopefully enjoyable.

Talk to other freelancing friends

Sometimes, all you need are reassuring words from a close friend in the freelance industry, or even an ‘outsider’ from your friends and family. It’s always good to hear and know that you are not the only going through a particular situation.Pick up the phone or take yourself out to a networking event – you should find yourself reinvigorated.


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