Are You True to Yourself?

Successful entrepreneurs know where their drive comes from, what fuels them to take the risks they take in order to experience the success they create for themselves. I am seeing this more and more in women recently and to a very high level in women who are also parents – not necessarily your ‘average’ parent but a certain type of parent.

The chances are that if you are reading this you are one of a growing group of women who hold the belief that you can have it all and parent without compromising your child(ren’s) development, stability, happiness and success.

Parenting is without doubt a full time job and certainly a full time responsibility. It is also the highest form of leadership that exists. Worldwide there are more and more alarming examples of just what happens when this is not either realised or taken seriously.

Youth crime is increasing at an alarming rate along with youth suicide as these young misguided poorly parented individuals struggle with a life they are ill prepared for. Schools instead of teaching life skills and enterprise continue to focus on archaic results driven exam systems and a job mentality. These same children let down by their schools have often been brought up in physically and metaphorically empty homes as both parents (or their only parent as is often the case) have been forced out to work long unsociable hours that just don’t allow them the time or energy or to parent effectively.

The biggest gift to these parents and their children has been the rise in online business opportunities. Parents can and do now run very successful recession proof businesses bringing themselves executive level incomes on their terms from their own homes and many are shocked at just how easy it is to find the solution to parenting and working on their own terms. Yes it takes desire and discipline to hold down two full time businesses (assuming you agree that successfully parenting and running a home is one) but hey, women have been doing exactly that for years so a bit of ball juggling and planning is a walk in the park for you!

Designing the life you want for yourself is not rocket science and it is totally achievable. The common denominators in all successful business women who are parents are MINDSET and SELF BELIEF.

Women are strong, of that there is no doubt. Life throws some crazy curve balls at us at times but fundamentally we hold an amazing ability in our heads and our hearts to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and climb up to even higher that we were before. Often our children assist us in this as they are the constant.  They need us and deserve us to be the very best version of ourselves we can be and the ideal result is that they will then follow suit- that’s the leadership bit!

Here is the beginner’s guide:

  1. Realise that focusing your attention on a specific direction you want your life to go can and does change the results you get in your life.
  2. Identifying your guiding principles for your goals achievements and destination you choose to pursue is paramount.
  3. See the bigger picture. Instead of following the herd follow your heUart.

ltimately being true to yourself will serve as a major source of peace, happiness, contentment and purpose in your life and provide the meaningful direction your seek for yourself and your family.

Lucy x

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