Completing online surveys is an easy way to earn a bit of extra money. Businesses are listening and they value your thoughts and opinions on their products or services more than ever. Customer opinion is vital to brands, if there is something that you as a customer don’t like then there’s a good chance that others will feel the same way. It might be something really obvious to you but something that a business had never previously thought of and without customer feedback and suggestions brands risk alienating their customers and ultimately losing them.

Once businesses have an insight into consumer’s thoughts, they can quickly respond to customer feedback and make changes suggested  to improve their product or services. This two-way conversation is vital for building relationships and maintaining brand loyalty, and is becoming more important as market places become overcrowded with companies competing for customers. Partaking in surveys are a chance for you to get your opinion and voice heard.

I think that onlne survey taking has had some really bad press recently and quite a few people shy away from it, because it is seen as a bit ‘scammy’.  When I first started working online, I joined several of these survey companies.  I wanted to see if it was possible to make an income from them and/or whether they were worth recommending to mums who are trying to build an online business.  A few years ago there were huge amounts of low quality companies making you fill out lots of frankly identical surveys and promising very little in return. And so I couldn’t really find any companies that I would recommend for UK mums to try out

However, I recently decided to give the whole survey area another go when a couple of new companies came to my attention that ‘promised to be different’. After trying them for a number of weeks there was one that stood out; a company called SurveyBods.

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SurveyBods is a market research company who send you personalised surveys. Rather than filling in endless questions about products that don’t interest you or aren’t relevant to you, you first answer questions about your interests online and create a unique profile. Surveys are then sent to you based on your profile information, meaning that you receive surveys more relevant to you and your stated interests. Best of all, the maximum length of a survey is 20 minutes – perfect if you’ve got an attention span as bad as mine.

The graphics are much improved from previous companies I have worked with, and it is very easy to fill in the surveys online – I often do them on my iPad while I am sitting in front of yet another children’s TV programme, or while I am waiting in a cafe for my children on one of their activities

I found that they were great to do together with my daughter (they often want to know children’s opinions and the surveys are designed to reflect this), it was a fun rainy afternoon activity and the fact that we earned some money for completing the survey was a fab incentive. I have decided to save all the money each time I do a survey for a fun family treat, maybe a day out somewhere. You get paid for every survey (typically between 50p and £3) and I found it really satisfying the first time I completed one, knowing that my opinion will make a difference. In this economic climate it is a simple way to earn some pocket money and genuinely influence brands. As a panel member you also get entered into a monthly draw for the chance to win big prizes.

It’s not going to be for everyone and it’s not going to earn you a fortune but I do think it is worth signing up to in order to earn some extra cash to treat the kids or yourself. So why don’t you take a look at Survey Bods today

Survey Bods

Disclosure:  The link to Survey Bods is an affiliate link – I will receive a small payment if you sign up.  However I absolutely would not recommend this company unless I was using it myself and totally happy with the service, so the opinions in the piece are genuine.

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