Five ways to exercise control in the family home - Mum's the Boss

Every home should have a set of rules– a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure a smooth and relatively stress-free family life. Rules help kids to feel safe and secure, and children really benefit from knowing what is expected from them. Rules are not only beneficial for kids however; it is fair to say that we can all live much more happily together by adhering to a little discipline, even as adults.


Unhappy household – try a few rules – photo by Shutterstock


Household rules will depend very much on the needs and values of your family and every household is different. Here is a list of ways that you can help to create a happy and harmonious environment at home.

Treat other people and their belongings respectfully

Teach kids about the value of respecting others; this includes simple things like not hurting the feelings of others and asking permission before borrowing belongings. Point out what respectful behaviour looks like and discuss the negative consequences of being disrespectful.

Create an interior that can be enjoyed by everyone

A stylish home is a happy home, and it is much more likely that your children will grow up to respect belongings if they are surrounded by neatness and order. It is a good idea to allow them to have input in how you redecorate their bedroom which can instil a feeling of pride in their space. If you are looking for inspiration then employing an interior designer may not cost as much as you think and they could give you sound advice on creating a look that inspires a happy home environment.

Turn off electrics after dinner

Modern family life can be severely interrupted by electronic distractions. Setting limits on the amount of time spent on computers, phones, video games and tablets is a good way to ensure you enjoy more activities and quality time together as a family.

Neutralise arguments

Taking sides will ultimately get you nowhere and it is best to steer clear of no-win arguments. Of course if your child has done something wrong you need to discipline them accordingly, but try to avoid getting into arguments and serious discussions which can be detrimental for all.

Attend a family meeting once a week

Holding weekly family meetings gives everyone an opportunity to air their views and get any niggling little annoyances of their chest. It is also a good way to review rules, make any changes and to spend quality family time together.