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Organising a fundraiser can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to get the event right in order to raise the largest amount of money for your cause. Of course, the criteria for an event’s success will differ based on the charity you’re raising for and the kinds of people you’re trying to organise for.

There are a few events, however, that are great for just about everyone.

Football is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to bring people together for a charity event. This makes an RSPCA football match the perfect choice for those wondering how to fundraise. Here we take a look at a few reasons why this is the case.

Football is universal

Part of the reason that football can be a great inspiration for families is the same reason that it is the most popular sport on the planet – because it’s accessible. Not all of us are blessed with the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo, but all of us are able to derive some pleasure from the game of football, whether it’s from playing or watching.


Football for all ages – from Shutterstock

Games of football can be tailored to groups of all different abilities and teams of different sizes. By making small adjustments such as changing the size of the goals, we can make it an accessible and therefore inclusive sport. The rules are also very simple. The universal aspect makes it great for families, who will be playing with people of all ages.

It brings people together

Raising money for charity should be enjoyable, and it should bring people together. Few things in life are quicker to achieve these two goals than football. As a team sport which doesn’t need to be based on months of preparation and strategy, football is a great way to bring people together and to encourage them to co-operate with one another. If you’re spending the day at the park, it could even be the right opportunity to get your pets involved in the game.

You don’t need much

Some of us are put off organising events simply because we don’t have the means to get things off the ground. Football, however, requires very little. All that’s really necessary is a ball and a small amount of open space. Jumpers can be used for goal posts. That makes football a very low cost way to raise a lot for the RSPCA.

If you need further help and advice starting up some great fundraising ideas, head to the RSPCA for more information.

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