One Must-try Bra for Mums on the Move - #Nigglefix - Mum's the Boss

Whether it’s taking the kids to school or rushing out the door to make a 9 o’clock appointment, mums today are busier than ever. It’s usually at these times that life’s little niggles choose to make an unwelcome appearance. First the washing machine breaks down … on Friday … when you have a week’s worth of school uniforms and clothes to wash for the next week. Then you discover you’ve forgotten your umbrella as you trek awkwardly down the road on the way to work, sidestepping puddles the size of small lakes at every opportunity.

Eventually, you arrive at your meeting only to discover that your archrival has taken over which means you’ll be relegated to the silent corner for the next hour.

These little niggles can get us down at the best of times and we’re not alone. Triumph’s video for their nigglefix campaign shows women all over experiencing niggles on a daily basis:

The video also reveals a solution to one of life’s more common niggles – the one that requires  us to wear an uncomfortable bra on a daily basis. Regardless of how you wear it, adjust it or twist it – sometimes you can never get the bra to sit just right.

Triumph’s Magic Wire bra, however, offers all the support of an underwire bra with a great deal more comfort. This easy-to-wear bra will also define your shape, so at least you’ll look good when you turn up to the office late.

The Magic Wire bra isn’t the only nigglefix Triumph are working on. They’re encouraging women across the nation to share their niggles. You can do this by visiting their Twitter account or Facebook page and posting your very own stories using the hashtag #nigglefix.

Just like the Magic Wire bra, you may discover a range of other easy solutions to life’s every day annoyances. Triumph has also teamed up with The Huffington Post, featuring a number of top tips from comedians and celebs. Just like us, they suffer from niggles too!