Five ways to combine looks and practicality in family homes - Mum's the Boss

Everyone wants everything in their homes to look good and serve some kind of purpose, so here are some tips to combine both looks and practicality.

1. Savvy storage

Savvy or hidden storage is a great way to combine looks and practicality; a footrest with a storage compartment inside or a bed with drawers in the frame. With children running around you need to find quick and easy ways to clean up the living room floor and make your home look presentable again.

Stick everything in the footrest storage and double it up as a toy box – you can even teach your kids to put their toys away when they’ve finished with them so you don’t have to do all the work!

2. Sofas

Your choice of furniture can also impact the practicality of your home. If you’re looking for a new sofa or armchairs then consider the best configuration for your home. A traditional three-piece-suite may be best for young families while those with teenagers may want to opt for something cooler – like reclining chairs or corner, modular sofas that are perfect for entertaining large groups of people.


Cool sofa – by Shutterstock

3. Spare space

If you have any spare rooms, don’t just let them go to waste! They could make a guest room or an office and all you need to do is put in a nice looking sofa bed and a desk with a chair or two. These spare spaces are great for sleepovers for kids or having family members stay, plus it can provide a great workspace that is free from the distractions of family life.

4. Keep things simple

Kitchen sides, tables, work surfaces or anything that may need wiping down regularly should be kept simple and clutter free to make maintenance easier. Keep away from anything that has grooves or unnecessary patterns in as they can look tacky and are difficult to clean.

Simple bold colours look great when they’re done right and investing in appropriate storage can help put everything neatly in its place.

5. Upgrade outdated appliances

If you have the money then upgrading anything that has grown tired is a great way to ensure practicality and style. For instance,walk-in showers and touchless taps look great in any bathroom and make the room easier to use too. No longer do you have to climb in and out of the bathtub to access the shower or worry about water wastage from leaving the tap running – it’s all taken care of by the appliances themselves.

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