Working from home and running your own business seems like a dream for many women, but more and more of us are now making that a reality. Combining a business and running the home you work from is often found to be a difficult hurdle to overcome, but by organising your work and housecleaning a little better it is possible to live your dream and have a happy home. Here are a few tips that will help you be the woman you want to be.


If you are not the only person living in your home make sure that you are not the only one doing the household chores. Women spend around 12,896 hours doing housework through their lifetimes, while men only spend 6,448 hours. Imagine freeing up that amount of time for your business or leisure. Make sure you don’t stop there though; your kids could be helping out too.

Cleaning Services

This is something that any businesswoman should be looking into. A good cleaning service will take an amazing amount of strain out of your life, and they can tackle many of the household cleaning jobs that are taking up so much of your time. The beauty of a cleaning service is that you can have them send somebody around to complement your particular needs. If you need somebody once a week just to take a little of your load, or once a day to do all of your cleaning, a service will be happy to organize it for you.

Buy the Right Tools

If you are struggling along with old cleaning tools and the wrong cleaning fluids, you will undoubtedly be less efficient when you are cleaning your home. The simple purchase of a tool like a steam cleaner can cut hours off your cleaning time. A steam cleaner like those available at can become your best friend, and the simple efficiency of its cleaning will amaze you. The pressure of the steam will make the difficult jobs like cleaning your cooker and scrubbing the grout in your bathroom a thing of the past. No longer will you be swapping cleaners for all your jobs, you will now have a cleaner to help you everywhere in your home.

Clean as You Go

You need to turn your house into a model of efficiency, and you will need everybody in your home to be part of this drive. The simple message here is that if you don’t make a mess there is nothing to clean up. Dishes washed as they are used and rubbish thrown in the bin immediately, will stop you wasting so much time doing these things later.

Bite sized cleaning as opposed to the hours spent later will make your life easier and less frustrating. You will certainly want the convenience of cleaning clothes as you need them, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t outsource this work too. The problem with a laundry service in the past was the travelling and time involved, but that is not always necessary now. With the advent of home pickups and deliveries, you needn’t even step out of your door to have your clothes cleaned and ironed for you. This type of outsourcing is a blessing for anybody trying to save time on household chores.

Talk to Your Family

If you have a family in the home and they are capable people, you should talk to them about your concerns. If your family is understanding you won’t even need to delegate tasks, they will realize that they need to take some of your workload from you. After all, the work you are doing is a benefit for everybody, and the more time you can give it the better off you will all be.

Decreasing the time you spend on housework will not only give you more time to dedicate to your business, it will also take some of the stresses and strains of having two jobs away.

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