An honest review of my first two months as a Younique presenter – warts and all

This is my original post from 2015 (updated in blue in 2016).

If you have been anywhere near my social media feeds recently (or in fact if you have been anywhere near social media at all) you can hardly help but notice that Younique Cosmetics has launched its direct sales business in the UK.

Everywhere you look there are people taking selfies of their eyelashes, ranging from the pretty to the pretty extreme, and every facebook group is awash with people trying to tell you that Younique is the best thing ever and trying to get you to join their team. So is it the best thing ever?  Or is it just another load of hype or some kind of scam?

I first became aware of Younique back in August, when four US presenters in a row posted a Join my Team notice on my Motivating Mum facebook group. Some of them, I’m afraid to say, were the wrong kind of needy, desperate and spammy, and some had lash pictures that made me want to run away screaming… and so I became aware of a new wave of American direct sales coming, just like many had come before.

And yet, this time…..

I do love the idea of direct sales – if you get in at the beginning of something and work your tail off, it is perfectly possible to make a substantial amount of money.  If you pick your company right and you really love and use the products you are promoting, then it can be the best thing ever.  Of course in the early stages you work hardest of all, and the income in the early months can be depressingly low.  Some people use that as an excuse to quit – others see it as an incentive to work harder, and get past the stage of low income into the realms of part time or full time income. And for some lucky or hard working ones, direct sales can be the ticket to an amazing dream life.

So I had been considering getting into Direct Sales again for a while.  I wanted a product that I would use (no more childrens books sadly)  one that was consumable (plenty of repeat sales)  and portable (I love Vitamix but very difficult to promote it at the school gates or in the cafe at kids activities, and that is where I live right now).  I looked and looked again at Younique, and the idea wouldn’t go away.  So I chose my sponsor carefully (a little bit of experience but not such a big team that she wouldn’t have time for me) and I started recruiting myself.  And then on 1st October I signed on the dotted line….

What a frenzy it has been since then.  Younique is very definitely the biggest direct sales wave to ever hit the UK.  We are only two months in and there are over 7,000 presenters already.  Younique doesn’t mind if you combine it with another direct sales opportunity, so quite a few people have signed up from other companies and brought their entire team with them. When UK sales started on 1st November, the first UK presenter hit black status (the highest pay grade with $80,000 of sales in her downline) within 3 days.  Total craziness….

I recruited myself a middle sized team and I managed to hit Green status in November, which is half way up the pay scale.  December of course has been a little bit tricky as nobody knew exactly how long deliveries for Christmas would take.  But now here I am at the end of the year with a team of 27, and 2015 is looking very interesting and exciting.

In January 2016 I am starting again and I have lost my original team because I took time out.  But I am happy to recruit again – and some things have changed for the better.

So is it worth becoming a Younique presenter?

So let me tell you exactly what I think about working with Younique.  It has been a bumpy ride – there have been one or two glitches, some of them bigger then others.  So I’m going to tell you about the sucky things first, and then about the things that are really good about the company.  That way, if you are thinking of joining yourself, you can be well informed and make a balanced decision.

So first of all – the things that were/are not so good

  • The first month was awful.  Younique has a policy when they launch into a new country that the first month is all about recruiting and you can’t sell anything at all for the first month.  So there was a recruiting frenzy in October with the blind leading the blind and quite a few of the new recruits absolutely p****d off that they weren’t allowed to sell.  I lost two of my recruits straight away – they went off and joined other companies instead – bored of the wait between 1st October and 1st November when we could finally sell.Also a lot of people have recruited huge teams but given them no training at all so there are a lot of disillusioned presenters out there right now.  So I hated that time and I think it is a very bad policy.  But it is all over now in the UK – you can sign up and sell your first products within 10 minutes (and be paid for that sale 3 hours later…)2016 update – Younique is about to launch in France on 1st February and the same no selling for one month rule will apply – so expect a bit of a frenzy there too.  But it will be fun…
younique presenter


  • Delivery times were a bit rubbish at first – up to three weeks in places and average of 10-14 days.  This is still in progress – Younique have tried two UK courier companies and both have been found wanting, so a third one has now been appointed. This is one of the problems of the UKs runaway success – it is much bigger than anybody anticipated.  I am happy enough.  next year we are promised a distribution centre in the Netherlands which will make things much easier for us.  By that time all the moaning, complaining presenters will have quit and all the mascara fans will buy from those of us who are left.2016 update – the delivery centre in the Netherlands is now open – delivery costs are much lower and delivery times much faster.  Some of the courier firms still suck though….
  • Royalty payments are supposed to come to a debit card but PayQuicker were very late in issuing them and some people have had problems accessing and authorising their accounts.  Cue a lot more wailing and hoo hah in the UK – as usual some people are disgusted.But I can see my royalties in my account – arriving three hours after I make each sale (which is amazing)  and when I am ready I can transfer them to my bank account if the card still hasn’t turned up.  End of problem….
  • The compensation plan Some people are up in arms about the compensation plan.  It is clearly stated but very complicated, and a lot of new UK presenters have misunderstood, and are getting a bee in their bonnets about it.  if you want to see how it works – check out this Slideshare.

    Younique Compensation plan for UK presenters
    from Debbie O’Connor

Bottom line – if you have heard there is some kind of pay scam when you become a Younique presenter – there isn’t – we are being paid fairly, just in a complicated way.  Yes it is low to begin with – and yet somebody in this two year old company is already being paid $80,000 per month…

So those are my main bugbears about Younique.  And here is the good stuff

  • the Mascara – the 3D fiber lashes really are amazing.  Like I said when I saw some of the pictures, at first I thought it was a bit ridiculous.  But you don’t have to wear it like that  – it can be as natural or flamboyant as you want it to be.   It doesn’t itch, it doesn’t smudge my glasses and any fool can apply it, even me. There is a frenzy for this product – people want it and it is hard to keep it stocked.  I am bowled over by the demand for it and how positive all my customers have been so far.  And the other Younique products are pretty good too, especially the eye pigments, which are gorgeous x
  • The Social Media Tools – I love how everything is set up so that you can run the business from facebook on your phone if you want to. Or you can do it the old fashioned way with catalogues and home parties if you want to.  Everything is so flexible and there are lots of freebies you can earn or give away to people that help you.
book a party
  • Kitnapping – the sign up cost for Younique is £69 (plus P&P) and you get a bag of make up worth £149.  So anyone can join with no risk – if you want to just sample the products in your kit and not sell at all that is totally cool.  If you want to just buy your own make up at discounted prices ongoing that is totally cool.   If you want to work your butt off and be a millionaire that is totally cool too.  You can do this part time, full time, alongside your work, alongside your family or alongside your other direct sales business.  Even men do it. So recruiting is easy because anybody over 18 could be a Younique presenter.
  • Support and  Camaraderie – the support on the various facebook groups is lovely.  I have met lots of lovely ladies online and I would consider some of them to be friends already.  Many of the leaders have a “No negativity” rule on their support sites and it is so refreshing. We are all sharing and training each other – it’s a huge supportive community.I am really enjoying managing my team.  My main reason for joining this company was so that I could use my business mentoring and social media skills to educate and support a group of people who were all building bigger businesses for themselves.  I am committed to self development and to sharing everything I have learned with my team, and so far it has been really exhilarating to see some of them blossom with my support. I love the idea that the Younique pay structure only allows you to progress to the highest levels if you mentor people in your team to reach the intermediate levels.  So my target for 2015 is to identify, recruit and train a group of future leaders.
  • the Potential – at the moment Younique is only in 5 countries – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK  (update 2016 – Germany and Mexico have already launched and France launching in Feb 2016)We are allowed to sell and recruit in all of those countries but nowhere else – yet.  This company is only three years old and it has had six major new country launches already.   I am going to be there when the next launches happen – I will be recruiting across Europe and based on my current team, I already have contacts in place when the African and South American launch happens.


As you can probably tell from the tone of this, I am more than happy that I have joined Younique at this most exciting time in its expansion. There have been problems but Corporate are working on them and we are all pulling together to find ways around them. There is still room for many more presenters in the UK, and if you have friends and relatives in other countries than there will be unlimited expansion potential in the months to come.

We don’t have face to face team meetings – it all takes place on facebook, so I can support people in Penzance and in the northernmost parts of Scotland all in the same group.  I also have ambition to build an international team – I am sounding people out in Australia and New Zealand and have enjoyed helping my Antipodean friends over here to buy and send Christmas presents to their relatives totally painlessly.

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