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So some of you may have noticed that I took a little break (or maybe you didn’t at all and haven’t even missed me…) and those of you who have been here before will notice that this site has had a total makeover. I have spent a few weeks since Christmas re-evaluating everything that I do online, and now I have a new look and feel here, and I hope a better way of working.

But let’s go back to the start.  I took over Motivating Mum in 2010 and added Mum’s the Boss to it in 2012. Two strong brands serving roughly the same market – I thought it would be easy to join them together seamlessly. However  for one reason and another it hasn’t exactly gone that way. The whole mums networking field is completely different to how it was even a few years ago, and quite frankly on their own even my two brands do not constitute a full time business for me.

Mum's the Boss

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Recently I have started dabbling in other business stuff and personal stuff, and at the same time my children have grown a bit older and the whole parenting blog thing is not my style either any more. For the last few months I’ve been trying to figure out a way to develop an online presence that reflects who I currently am, while using the assets that I have to their best advantage.

The final straw for me was my mum’s cancer diagnosis back in October last year. My mum is widowed, has no siblings and I am her only child, so I have had a huge care responsibility thrown upon me which has meant that some things have had to take a back seat.  It has been interesting for me to note which activities I have chosen not to do while under pressure, and which ones I have continued with.

After a small amount of reflection, and discussion with some of my friends and business colleagues I have come up with a solution, and this redesign of Mum’s the Boss is one very big part of it.

Going forward, Motivating Mum is going to be my main brand for all things related to Mums in Business including the networking and the business mentoring, which is still being offered there. Motivating Mum blog will continue to offer business advice and snippets of news and tips from people who attend our networking events.

I have appointed a networking and franchisee manager for Motivating Mum and she will take care of recruiting and training new networking group franchisees, who will all come under the Motivating Mum brand. So after a few months of not knowing if I wanted to continue in that segment, I have decided that Motivating Mum will continue, but that I will not.

There is one remaining networking group under the Mums the Boss brand,  in Bedford, which will continue under the capable hands of . I have left space on this new website for information about that group, but that will now be the only Mums the Boss group and I will not be starting any more.

So what is this website about now and what am I doing with Mums the Boss if it is not a networking organisation any more?

Mum’s the Boss is going to become my personal blog site, a space for my musings about my own life as a mum working from home.  It will include stuff about my business interests as they develop, but will also deviate from the business agenda to reflect my other interests such as self development, health and fitness, home improvements, crafting and recipes.













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In short it is going to become a mum of teenagers blog and be about me and my funny family. I hope that freed from the constraints of writing only about business tips I will be able to entertain and educate you, and develop my writing skills as well.  The simpler style of the new look site will hopefully reflect its simpler focus – I am no longer tryng to be all things to all people.

I’m sure I will lose one or two readers with this change of focus, but I will be keeping a business blog going on Motivating Mum, and I hope that my new freedom and wider focus on the subjects of this blog will make it more interesting to some people and attract me some new readers who are not necessarily mums in business.


I would welcome any comments you have about my new look and focus.