So what is new Mums the Boss all about then? - Mum's the Boss

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the new look Mums the Boss and how things were going to change a bit round here.  I know from what I have sen on Facebook that a couple of people have been put out by this and I am genuinely sorry to see you go, but at the end of the day I need an outlet for my personal blogging.


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Some of you might be wondering, so what is this fancy new blog going to be about then?  I guess the best way to expalain it is to set out who and where I am right now and what my personal and business projects are – because this site is going to become a place for journalling about those projects, and any other random musings that cross my mind.

So who am I currently?  Well, I’m a mum of 2 – one has just started secondary school, and the other one is in Year 5, currently preparing to take his 11 plus in September.  this is relevant to this blog, because my life will change completely when he starts secondary in September 2016.  Suddenly I will have free time from 7am until 4.30 every day, and I will need to really decide whether there is a need for me to stay at home, or whether i should consider some form of employment.

Currently I’m working from home, and I have been since I was pregnant with my first child 13 years ago.  I’ve tried quite a few different things – you can see more of my story on my other blog Motivating Mum. (link now removed)

A Mumpreneur is Born

Work Stuff

So at the moment I have what is politely termed a portfolio career.  I make a bit of money from this blog and from Motivating Mum.  I am dabbling in Direct Sales with Younique   – you can see a bit more about that in a separate section on this site.

general younique

And I also do a bit of small business mentoring and social media consultancy work. You can expect a few blog posts touching on all areas of this, both documenting my own successes, sharing things that I have found that work and sharing the things that some of my fellow mumpreneur friends get up to at home. I hope it will be fun, entertaining and educational

Personal Stuff

Alongside all these work projects, I have some fairly large personal projects going on too.

 – I am in the process of losing weight and getting fitter with Thinking Slimmer. I am helping them with some social media and admin, and they are helping me with my weight issues, which is very much appreciated.  I am also helping them in the design and testing of new products, so you can expect some blogs in the general area of health and fitness as I learn new stuff and try it out on an audience.

why i can

 – I also have a long term house and garden decluttering and tidying mission going on.   I figure out that if I was a little bit more efficient as a housekeeper I could probably justify the fact that I don’t really want to go back to a full time job.  So I will be documenting that process as it goes along

 – And finally , I am searching for that elusive holy grail – the organisation and efficiency system that will enable me to do all the work and succeed in my personal goals, and look after my family and keep up with my musical hobbies whilst remaining sane and never dropping any balls.  I will keep you posted about what I find.


So that is the basic subject matter of new Mum’s the Boss – a snapshot of me as I move from parent of tweens to parent of teens while trying to make sense of my work and finding some balance.  There will be the occasional ‘guest’ or third party post – after all that provides part of my income.  I will also still do reviews and run the occasional competition, because I enjoy it and its fun.

I hope that some of you will keep reading and that maybe I will attract some new readers too