The lovely people from Trespass asked me to review a waterproof jacket from their website.

I was very excited to be asked – I bought my last two children’s coats from Trespass and found them to be infinitely superior to other similar outdoor brands, and yet the prices are very reasonable.  I was very excited to get a Trespass coat for myself.  I walk  my dogs in all weathers and my current jacket is fine as far as it goes, but I was definitely in the market for a longer and warmer one, that would suit me for dog walking and also for wearing out and about.

So I looked all over the Trespass website and hit upon the Blizzard 3 in 1 jacket, which they very kindly sent me to review.

Trespass Blizzard Waterproof Jacket

hybrid jacket

If you haven’t seen them before, a 3 in 1 or hybrid jacket comes in two pieces.  You get a lovely waterproof mac, which is fantastic for those rainy days even in summer.   You get a snuggly fleece – this one is cream coloured and has a lovely warm fluffy lining – which is great as an outer garment on windy but dry days in spring and autumn.  And then when you get those extreme weather days in mid winter, you zip the fleece inside the mac and you end up with the warmest, most waterproof snuggly coat that you could ever imagine.

I popped into my local Trespass to check the sizes before my jacket was sent out to me, and I will start my review with the one gripe that I have about all things Trespass.  I am a large size 16 – verging on 18.  I am moderately overweight, borderline obese but I am only 5 foot 4, so not huge by anybody’s standards – maybe just slighly larger than the average British woman.  My Trespass size is XXL which is the largest that they do.

I’m not one myself to get hung up on sizes, and will happily wear this lovely coat that fits me.  But I know a lot of people my size who would be put off by being called XXL when we just about consider ourselves to be about L, and I feel very sorry for the substantial number of women larger than me who won’t find a coat to fit them at all.

rain jacket

Lovely jacket – me less so – slightly windswept 

But putting that aside, let’s have a look at my jacket.

Of course I chose to receive this during the warmest part of the year, so I immediately put the fleece away for another season and also removed the beautiful fur lined hood.  I’m really looking forward to wearing these in the winter but they are overkill in July and I’m so glad to be able to remove them.

The jacket fits me beautifully right now. The length is great – just covering my bottom without being too long.  I like the fact that it has lots of lovely pockets and the fact that the sleeves can be tightened – I will really appreciate this in winter when I put my gloves on again.

waterproof jacket

Perfect for a breezy walk along the beach with the dog

The zips feel solid and well made and the garment feels very well designed, stitched and put together. there is a lovely clip to hold the sleeves of the fleece in place – not all hybrid jackets have this and it is a complete pain when they don’t.  I’m not a dressmaker and can’t really comment on the overall ‘build’ but it certainly feels good quality and if I had to guess the price I would have said much higher than it actually is.

With the zip done up and the velcro flap secured over the front, the jacket is completely windproof – at the moment I can go out beach walking at dawn with just a tshirt underneath and it is perfectly warm. The coat fastens very high up the neck – again I don’t really appreciate this now but I know that I will come October.

I haven’t tested this jacket in completely foul weather yet, but we have tested the one I bought for my daughter and I am comfortable that it is going to be completely waterproof and yet breathable, so you don’t feel  like you are sweating inside a plastic bag. Update January 2016 – I have still only worn the fleece inside the jacket once or twice – the waterproof  jacket on its own is wonderful for a South UK Winter and the fleece on its own is also a lovely garment for a dry but windy winter day. Update again October 2016 – still going strong – I love it!

2015-07-15 09.57.21

Even in mid-July the weather can jump up and surprise you

This was taken just 10 minutes after the last picture – thank heavens for waterproofs

And the best thing of all – I think it looks great.  I have bought technical outdoor clothing before, which while functional has always looked a bit nerdy.  I think this coat looks like a lovely smart raincoat and I would be as happy wearing it to the shops as out on the sand dunes.  It comes in 2 colours Khaki, which I chose – and Sandy, which is the same colour as the fleece inside both of them.

Trespass waterproof jacket
womens waterproof jacket

So all in all I can say that I am absolutely delighted with my new Blizzard jacket – which comes in 2 colours and retails for £49.99 on the Trespass site (this is an update – it was £79.99 when I wrote the article).

Update 2021 – I am still wearing the Blizzard acket and loving it very much – but sadly Trespass are no longer selling it – this is a very close approximation to it – Padded waterproof jacket

I would certainly have been happy to pay that amount for a waterproof jacket which does what it says on the tin, and I would like to thank Trespass for letting me try it out.

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