I’ve always said that I won’t do video blogging.  I even wrote a post about it – talking about not liking video blogs in general and so not planning on doing any.  While most of my objections still remain, I must admit that in the nine months since I wrote it I have looked at and  enjoyed a lot more You Tube stuff than I did before.  But I still don’t feel ready to do my own – as most coaches might be able to tell –  the main problem is fear….

But then my daughter decided to enter a competition that asked her to make a video book review. And she got on and just did it.  Take a look below- I think she made a very good job of it .

If you like it please do leave her a thumbs up as I know it will make her happy.

And if you have girls aged 9 to 13 please have a look at Touch of Power  – it is a really good book, which we both ended up reading (I got it for her on her ipod which meant it came to my iphone automatically so I read it too).  The book is aimed at teenagers, there are one or two mild swear words, some violence including death, and a Mills & Boon type suggestion of sex in one scene, so it might not be suitable for all 9 year olds and younger, but Anne-Sophie enjoyed it enormously.

But the main point of my blog is, with a budding video star in the family, I guess I’m left with only two choices…

  1. Hire her to do all the product reviews and Motivating Mum videos that might need to be done over the next few years
  2. Get over it and start doing some videos myself….whatever I think, it does look like it is the coming trend.  And now she has proved that we have the technology for it, so that’s one less excuse for me.

So, what do you think I should do?

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