I wrote in December about my garden makeover project.  At that point the garden was just about completed, but the “home gym” was still very much a work in progress.  I think there are quite a few of the family (certainly both children and even me at times) who believed that we would never get ourselves together and finish this. But it is finally done.

So now, I have a useable garden again.  The dogs and children love it, and I can see us being outside a whole lot more in the summer.  We have an area for seating (possibly barbecues) at the back, and some lovely raised beds for growing vegetables.

Looking back over the before pictures I can scarcely believe it.  The garden really did go to heck last year – it had to because I spent most of my spare time in Bournemouth with mum and/or looking after the children and my hubby was up to his eyes at work.  We had really let it go too far, and neither of us had the will nor the stamina to tackle it.

This was my garden in October

I used to joke that it was a ‘wildlife garden’ but it had gone beyond a joke really. The sad thing is that I do really enjoy gardening, but you wouldn’t think it to look at this.



So we started off by getting the boys in to do the heavy part of the garden makeover. It looked a bit grotty for a few days….

but they were really efficient, and the final result was amazing…..

Garden Makeover – Before and After

We put in our fun bit of fitness kit (the adult climbing frame) at the end of the garden. You can do chin-ups and dips (maybe) and my son can also string up his punchbag for martial arts practice.


And that just left the grotty old shed at the end.  It’s a funny shape but we love it, so we decided to give it a makeover too.

First of all a new roof (as it was leaking)

Then we put in internal panels, some insulation and a new floor.  Finally we moved all our existing exercise kit in there and installed a lovely new Concept2 Rower.

And it is done x

So now when I say I’m going to the gym, it’s just a short hop to the end of my beautiful garden. With rowing, climbing frame and gardening activities, I’m really hoping that I will get back in shape, and my children are absolutely lapping it up – going out every day after school to row and have fun.

garden makeover


So all in all this year looks to be a healthy one.  With exercise and relaxation options on tap and hopefully a whole crop of healthy fruit and vegetables throughout the year, the future is looking bright.

After the pile of dog droppings that was 2015 we all deserve something to look forward to.

With the greatest of thanks to my mum  – I’m sad she won’t ever get to see this but I think we have honoured her memory in the best way possible.

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