Who says that you can’t look good over 40?

Plenty of women work hard every day to ensure that they continue to look good well into their 40s and beyond. If you are one of those ladies, then maybe you want to showcase that body, either in private or in public.


If you have a stellar body that you’ve gotten through running, core workouts, or some sort of fitness class at the gym, there’s nothing wrong with showing it off on occasion. Even if you consider yourself a work in progress, or if you are curvy and voluptuous, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had in showing your best assets off a bit.

If you are thinking of just showing off to your partner at home, you can check out some great costumes for sale at Ann Summers. These costumes run the gamut, from school girl to nurse, teacher to policewoman. If you are looking to spice things up with your partner, this could be precisely the moment to try something new.

However, if you want to show off your body to the world this summer, you probably need a different approach. Wearing a costume in public might cause just a little bit too much embarrassment. Instead, find some beautiful swimwear that showcases your body in a way that is appropriate for wherever you plan to go. At the club, keep it modest. At the beach, bring it on (less is more, in this case).

Many people are not aware that Ann Summers supplies more than just fancy dress – in fact they also have a great line of swimwear. From bikinis to onesies, Ann Summers has it all.   Not looking to show it all off? There are also great cover ups for sale.

Of course, it’s your choice when and where, and to whom, you want to show off all the hard work you’ve put into your body. When you are ready, Ann Summers has all of the great items you’ll want to help you appreciate all of the hard work that’s gone into sculpting your bod. Be sure to check out discount codes from Groupon before shopping for great savings.

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