Everybody is well versed in the line that comes out of the fashion world. It’s too expensive to keep the manufacturing base in Britain. Bangladesh has been viewed as simply too cheap not to use. And yet, perhaps partly as a result of the awful tragedy in 2013 that saw over 1,000 people lose their lives in Bangladesh’s worst industrial accident which involved the collapse of a garment factory, the terrible conditions that often prevail in factories in Bangladesh has been brought into focus and led to a shift in perspective.

Britain has been shown to be a viable base for making clothes once again, shown through success stories in the high end through companies like Drake’s London.

However, there is one guardian of the English clothing design and manufacturing sectors in key industrial city Derby. Trading under the name David Nieper, thanks to its owner, it is a company that prides itself on keeping every phase from design through to manufacture, in England.

David Nieper

David Nieper

This fascinating insight into goings on in the Alfreton, Derbyshire workroom showcases some of the quality dressmaking of the David Nieper seamstresses, many of whom have been with the company since its formation in 1961 and as you can see they are incredible at what they do.

There’s no substitute for such experience (over 50 years) and married with an intimate knowledge of the principles to which the owner has stuck throughout his illustrious career, keeping things in house and more importantly in England.

The David Nieper attention to detail is the stuff of textile legend. Each garment features  invisible seams where possible and laces are specially softened after being dyed to be kind to sensitive skin and feel simply luxurious.

Keeping things local has allowed David’s vision of luxury womenswear without compromise, to consistently deliver amazing quality and is immensely proud that all of the company’s own label lingerie, nightwear, knitwear and women’s clothing wear’s the tag ‘Made in England’.

How else can you imagine such a sublime personal touch being added to your garments as this? The seamstress who has played the most prominent role in the completion of each garment signs the label! What a lovely touch, I’m sure you’ll agree and in an era where you worry about who’s made your clothes and under what conditions, this is a great thing indeed. Furthermore, every English-made garment is hand finished and triple-checked to ensure total  satisfaction.


Of course, geographical conditions dictate that if you want quality you must search far and wide for some of the best materials on the market and so sourcing textiles is the one area in which the company do step outside of the country from time to time (Italian satin and New Zealand merino anyone?), although some of the cottons are sourced from British mills and where the lamb’s wool that is used is spun by a Yorkshire mill that has been going for centuries.

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