The very nice people from Mobile Fun sent me an Obliq Skyline Advance case for my phone.  This is what I made of it.

I’ve got a confession to make – I’m a bit of a gadget freak.  When I worked and had my own money I always had the latest phone and music gadgets – my husband teases me mercilessly about it. Since the children came along I have coped with slightly cheaper (last year’s) technology but when my phone came up for renewal this time I had a few spare pennies so I pushed the boat out and got an iPhone 6s.

I absolutely love my new phone, with the one exception that it is a little bit too big for one handed operation (holding and typing with the one hand), and it is also really slippy and has fallen out of my pocket a couple of times.

I bought two sets of bumpers for it so that you could still see the beautiful phone but I could grip it better. They solved the grip problem and were fab, but both of them broke within weeks – the buttons fell off them and the rubber tore until eventually they just fell off.

So when the lovely people from Mobile Fun offereed me the chance to review a new iPhone case, I jumped at it.  I looked through their website and settled on the Obliq Skyline Advance case in Rose Gold, which costs £19.99.  I ordered it yesterday and it arrived in the post this morning – talk about express delivery!


This case is much more robust – the buttons are an integral part of the case and won’t fall off.

The rose gold of the back matches my phone exactly and the grip is just perfect. I think the design of this is really gorgeous and makes my phone even more striking.

I love the little stand too – I keep my calendar and to do list on my desk when I am working and it is perfect for that

All in all it is exactly what I wanted.


The only problem with cases of this type is they don’t fit on charging stations and you have to remove them each night. That is one of the reasons why my bumpers failed. But Mobile Fun have also sent me a new type of charging station which I am going to review on my sister site Motivating Mum.  I will add the link here when my review is ready.


I would definitely buy from Mobile Fun again.  they have a huge selection of mobile phone gadgets and accessories at very reasonable prices, and I have to say their service and delivery was excellent.

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