The Working from Home Lament

I’m meant to be working
I’ve so much to do
But the beds all need changing
And I must clean the loo

I want to be blogging
I’ve so much to say
But I’m constantly cooking
Or clearing away

I must make a phone call
But the kids won’t stop squealing
There are crumbs on the rug
And cobwebs on the ceiling

I need to start working
I’ve emails to send
But I’ve just had a text
From a newly dumped friend

It’s toddlers nap time,
I need to get cracking
But the food’s been delivered
And the bags need unpacking.

I must cook from scratch
Something quick and delicious
Cos takeaway’s quick
But it’s hardly nutricious

I promised I’d schedule
Some ‘me time’ today
But the chances of that now
Are dwindling away

The kids are in bed now
There’s just no excuse
But I’m dead on my feet now –
Oh, what’s the use!

But admit it, you wouldn’t change working from home for the world!!

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