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At this time of year, it would be very easy to disappear under a blanket and wallow in misery. I certainly felt like it this autumn morning as I woke up in the dark at 6.15 with the symptoms of my first seasonal cold. Blah!

But instead, I prefer to take inspiration from the Sound of Music

”……when I’m feeling sad – I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feeeeel so bad! “

(come on sing along – you know you want to……)


So here for the record are some of my favourite things about Autumn. It’s a bit of a random list, but then I think the best ones often are.

Soup: I absolutely adore soup, particularly nice hearty vegetable ones with croutons and cheese. And yet I tend to go off them a bit in the summer. When the weather turns cold, it’s as if I’m discovering soup again for the first time. Yum yum!



Hot Baths: Same goes for this – the first bath of the season is such a pleasure after a summer when all I wanted to do was shower. One of my guilty pleasures as a WAHM is being able to have a hot bath on my own in the middle of the day. Decadence.

One of my guilty pleasures as a WAHM is being able to have a hot bath in the middle of the day

Midday Walks: When I worked in an office, I would go to work in the dark and come home in the dark throughout autumn and winter. No wonder I felt rotten. Now at least, I have the opportunity to go out and get some fresh air and light in the middle of the day if I feel like it. Or go and skim some leaves off my pond in the garden.


Conkers: My kids love them, and it’s one thing that they both love to collect which does not cost me money in the toy shop. Therefore I love them too!

Beautiful sunlight patterns in the trees – how gorgeous is this?


Bedtime in the Dark: In the summer, my kids fight me endlessly over bedtime. How can we go to bed at 8 – you can still see the sun! At this time of year their body clock is agreeing with what the real clock is saying. They are tired, they know they’re tired, and as long as I warm their hot water bottles, they go to bed without a protest.


Spiders: I’m probably alone on this one, and I know that it’s annoying (and frightening to some) to keep having to turf spiders out of your house. But when I went out in the garden on Saturday morning and saw four big spiders at work spinning, and the sun shining on dewy webs everywhere, I have to admit I thought it was magical and called the whole family to come and have a look. For all their creepy-crawliness , I think spiders (in their rightful place in the garden) are absolutely beautiful.

Spider in nature, sitting on his web. Insect macro

Boots: Off with the strappy flip flops and on with socks and warm comfy boots. Cosy toes ‘r’ us!

women trendy brown leather boots isolated on white background

Mulled Wine: Nuff said!


What little pleasures help get you through the autumn? Please share!