So this Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US, which for Americans marks the beginning of the holiday season. I think it’s fair to say we can start thinking about Christmas here too, especially with Black Friday weekend in the offing to get the shopping done. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers

To my mind, the holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or anything else does not have to be about excessive spending, much as we sometimes think it does. It should be a time for goodwill, for making contact with friends and family and sharing.   It’s sometimes the small things in life that can mean so much. A small gesture that cheers us up, puts a smile on our face or creates a happy memory.

We might all be busy but these small gestures can go a long way to brightening up someone’s day and probably give you something to smile about too.

Call Instead of Text

We are always on our phones but with the advent of unlimited texts and the convenience of messaging, we don’t seem to spend as much time hearing each other’s voices. So, instead of texting someone to see how they are, why not call instead, take five or ten minutes to have a chat and really find out what is going on with them. You never know how long you end up nattering for.

Make Time to Have Dinner Together

We all have busy lives whether it is with work, college, school or socialising, so finding the time to eat together can be hard. The temptation is to take our meals and sit in our room or eat it on the go. However, sitting down as friends, a family, a couple and actually eating together is a great chance to catch up and share some quality time together. It might also mean spending some time in the kitchen cooking up something special occasionally, rather than always just something convenient.

Write Someone a Letter

Every day we find bills, official letters or junk mail waiting for us in our letterboxes or on our doormats. But imagine the delight you’d feel at finding a hand written letter from a friend.In an age when most things we write are on an electronic device, putting pen to paper has added weight. There is a romanticism attached to hand writing a letter and sending it to someone via the post. It could be a distant friend or family member or it could be a loved one; whoever it is, they are bound to appreciate reading what you have to say.

Give Someone a Hug

Did you know various studies have revealed that enjoying a hug makes our bodies release the bonding hormone Oxytocin, which works to reduce our stress levels and blood pressure, plus lifts our mood?It is a small gesture that can cheer someone up, put a smile on their face or just enjoy a moment of closeness with someone they care about. It doesn’t have to be a lasting hug but giving someone a squeeze is a great way to put a smile on their face.

Make or Personalise a Gift or Card

A lot of the time it is the thought that goes into giving a gift or card that means the most to people. So why not make a present, something unique that shows your creative or craft flair but will mean so much to someone. Or why not personalise a card? When other cards don’t say exactly what you want to say, personalise one.

Visit Someone for a Cup of Tea

Everyone enjoys a good natter, a chance to catch up or just share some gossip. But do we make enough time for sitting down over a brew and having a good chat? It could be with friends or it could even be your neighbour. It is also a great way of developing relationships.


It only takes a small gesture to brighten up someone’s day and share in fond memories.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What do you do at this time of year to make your friends and family feel appreciated?

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