I have promised my readers a blogging bootcamp for so long, and now is the time. I need to relearn a few tricks myself, put them into regular practice and while I’m doing it I would like to help and inspire others to start or grow their blogs.

Mum's the Boss blogging bootcamp

My regular readers (if I have any left) will know that blogging hasn’t been a top priority for me over the last couple of years.  Family commitments got in the way, and a full time blog and business became a part time hobby at best.

But in 2017 I will be back full time – reinvented, bigger and better.  Now, the main part of what I do is helping other people with their blogging, digital marketing and social media, and so it is time for me to get back out there myself and show the world what Mum’s the Boss is really about.

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The joy of blogging is that you can just stop and concentrate on other stuff when life takes an interesting turn, but the downside is that if you stop producing good material, your regular readers just fade away.  And guess what? In even a couple of years, the blogging landscape has changed.  Different social media outlets have come and gone, and strategies that worked so well in blog marketing a few years ago are just not working any more.

So in 2017, I am going to have to up my game and learn a few new tricks.  I’ve done a lot of research and I want to put it into practice.  More importantly I want to give back to the blogging community and help a number of beginner or struggling bloggers while I am relearning the basics myself.

So I’ve put together a blogging bootcamp course, which lasts for 12 weeks.  The bootcamp will be for anyone who wants to start or grow a blog, using any of content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.   It will be aimed at a very basic level, going all the way back to the beginning, so great for very new bloggers or anyone who has bashed at it for a while but feels like they aren’t getting anywhere.

Each week there is a written coursebook with some homework, and each week every participant will be encouraged to write a humdinger of a blog post (with help and ideas from the course), promote the heck out of it, and then help the other course participants to promote their content too. There is also a private Facebook group where we can caht, share ideas and learn from each other.

Here are some of the ideas that will be covered in the blogging bootcamp:

  1. Engagement

    The blog landscape has changed a great deal in the last few years. While a “weblog” used to be a place where the writer shared their random thoughts and feelings, today’s blogs are often focused around specific topics and are written for highly targeted audiences. We will spend some time exploring what your blog theme is, who exactly you are writing for and therefore what you should be writing about (don’t fret about this – the answer could simply be “I’m writing about what I like because I like it” – but let’s at least get clear on that!).  We will also look at the blog platform that you use, how the blog looks, and the various components of a good blog.

  2. Longer Blog Posts

    Today, successful blog posts are longer than they were in the past. Years ago, bloggers kept blog posts short and published more often. This brought SEO benefits. However, today, readers prefer longer and more in-depth blog posts. Longer posts work better because they’re more likely to be shared and commented upon due to their length and depth. So we will look at what you can write about in depth which will engage  your ideal reader.

  3. Focus your Content

    The word “blog” comes from “weblog,” another word for an online journal. Bloggers used to write about themselves, their experiences, and their ideas. Some blogs were just random thoughts. The idea was to express yourself.  There are still some blogs like that today. But for bloggers who want to expand their reach and potentially monetise, the content has to be highly targeted to their audience.

  4. Engage on Social Media

    In the past, bloggers focused on getting comments on their blog. Engagement meant having your readers comment. This is the same today, but the focus has shifted off the blogging platform itself and instead to social media. The only people who see your blogging platform’s comments are people who visit the blog; but with social media, absolutely anyone can see your readers engage with your content. This can bring you new readers.

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    So, instead of encouraging comments on your blog itself, today’s strategy is to promote your content on social media. Whenever a new piece is published, you can spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google , Instagram, Pinterest and other places. The course will cover each of these platformas and how to start using them effectively.

  5. Mix It up with Multimedia

    When blogs first started, most were text-based and many were text only. They were meant to be read. Today’s blogs often include other types of multimedia content to go along with the text content. On many, the centerpiece is actually the multimedia and the text simply comments on it.

    Types of content include:

    . Videos are extremely popular on blogs and social media. Many bloggers share videos with a short description or transcript.

    Visual Content. Visual content can include more than just an image. It can be an infographic, a quote, a chart, a diagram, or a template. Blogs generally also use images to be more visually appealing and break up text.

    Audio Content. Podcasts and other audio content can also appear on blogs. Again, the text might offer a transcript of the audio.

    The course will give tips and encourage you to experiment with different types of content to see what works best for you. (This is where I will be learning alongside you as I am very nervous of video but want to give it a go in a safe environment).

So that is my plan for early 2017, and the biggest part of the plan is that I want to learn practice and grow alongside you!  So because I am the student as well as the master, I want to make this course super affordable and fun, so that lots of you who are not yet making any income from your blog will want to join me on this voyage of discovery.


Mum's the Boss blogging bootcamp


If you would like to join me on my blogging bootcamp, then please sign up below.  The cost is £25, which includes 12 weekly lessons (with feedback if you submit your homework to the group) plus lifetime access to the Facebook group where we are all sharing and helping each other.


Yes Please, I’d love to join the Mum’s the Boss Blogging bootcamp!


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