A little bit of bliss: Review of The Massage Company - Mum's the Boss

Last week I was given the opportunity to experience a full body massage with the Massage Company in Camberley. Sometimes I just love blogging…

Self Care.

Two simple words, so easy to say, and yet seemingly so hard for the modern mum to accomplish. Once you have carried out your work commitments, fed the family , cleaned the house and done a zillion other things, the nearest many of us get to self care is going to the loo by ourselves for 10 minutes, or maybe if we are lucky, eating something naughty in front of the telly…  Self care is item no. 103 on my never ending to do list and it never seems to get to the top.

So when I was offered the chance to review a 50 minute full body massage with the Massage Company in Camberley, I jumped on it.  Because now suddenly, having a massage becomes work, not just self care, and so it automatically gets bumped up the list of priorities.

It still didn’t stop my husband having a bit of a grumble though – now he is at home he gets to see a bit of what my life is like, and if I’m not pounding the computer that doesn’t equate to work for him. But he can grumble all he likes – I haven’t had a massage for ages and I certainly wasn’t going to let him stand in my way.

The Massage company

Of course, with my life being as it is I had to chuck a bit of stress into the mix before I could relax.  The first appointment I turned up for only to find that they had accidentally booked me in for February when it should have been March. So I returned home even more stressed than I left (more harrumphing).

Then the second appointment I forget completely and left them standing….

Mistakes 1-all, but thankfully they still agreed to have me.

So finally last week I phoned to check the appointment was correct and set off in plenty of time. I filled in my medical form and was shown to my room by my therapist Slaven, stopping off to collect a glass of water on the way. Inside the room I was offered the menu of additional extras; aromatherapy, hot stones, head massage of foot massage.  I chose aromatherapy – and was offered a choice of oil blends for the massage and for the diffuser which was placed underneath the face hole on my couch.

The couch was heated, the lighting was just pleasantly low and I was wrapped from head to foot in soft blankets and towels. I got to choose the music and then we were off.

I had chosen deep tissue massage (sports, swedish and maternity massage were also on offer) and so I was expecting some of the massage to be a bit on the firm side. I asked for medium to firm pressure and Slaven said I could yell at any time and he would ease off.


Slaven told me that in his native Romania he was qualified as a physiotherapist, and as the treatment progressed he took me on a complete guided tour of all the muscles in my body, explaining as he went what he was doing and what the benefits were. I had indicated which parts of my body I thought needed work on the medical form (neck, shoulders and upper back) but to be honest he didn’t find a single muscle that wasn’t tight and shrivelled up from my neck down to my feet, and so he got to practice quite a lot of his therapy skills.

I did have to yell a couple of times and there were quite a few ouchy moments where I grinned and bore it because although painful I could feel it was doing me good. The scent of the oils and the diffuser and the floaty music was sustaining me, and the whole effect was magical even when it was a bit sore.

When it was over I felt like I was floating on air.  I seriously must do this more regularly – it was amazing and I get the feeling that if I came fortnightly as Slaven recommended for a few months, then I would really start to see results. I will be putting this on my Christmas list immediately, and hope to get there again soon.

The Massage Company offers a monthly massage membership, which I think is an amazing idea to get people to take their self care seriously. You can book 50 minute and 80 minute massages with extras, and once you are a member a second massage in the same month is much cheaper.

At the moment, the Massage Company is only in Camberley in Surrey (sorry to my northern readers…) .

However it is a franchise and they are actively seeking new franchisees at the moment, so I won’t be surprised to see this pop up all over the place.  And if you fancy getting into the wellness industry then why not give it a go?

I left with a determined promise that I will be back.  It won’t be immedaitely because things are a bit full on around here right now. But as I pass my half centurythis year,  I really must start putting myself first a bit more often.