OK, I’ll come clean – I went looking for natural health solutions for my family, and next thing I know I’ve signed on the dotted line and become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Here’s what happened next –  the good and the bad.  If you are considering doTERRA, or even if you have never heard of it then read on…

become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate

OK. I’ve gone and done it again.  After my brief flirtation with Younique a few years ago  I wasn’t going to do any more MLM.

I mean, I love the business model and I know that it works for some people.  One of the girls that joined Younique alongside me in October 2014 has just bought the house next door to hers for her parents to live in.  It can be amazing for some people.

BUT, and there are some big buts – if you are going to get involved in MLM companies there are some things which you really have got to know.

The first thing is that when you join an MLM you really must love and absolutely swear by your products.  You must live and breathe the products and be prepared to tell all your friends about them. And this is where Younique didn’t work for me – because I don’t wear mascara every day and (which is worse) my friends know this about me, which meant I was quite honestly the worst mascara salesperson in the world…

So ultimately it failed and I walked away. And stuff happened in my life and I moved on.

And so here I am two years later, and we’ve had another messy winter. This time it was physical – every type of cold, infection and virus that you could imagine.  Nothing serious, but we kept Lemsip and Nurofen in business, not to mention Dettol and Immodium.  I think it was mainly due to my son starting a new school and bringing home a whole set of new bugs that we hadn’t encountered before, but whatever it was, all four of us were just about ill all the time between November and April.

Become a Wellness Advocate

The doctor has no cure for little bugs like these; take lots of fluids, rest, take paracetamol.  That’s all there is.  I swabbed down our counters with antibacterial this and that, and we washed our hands raw, but we were just run down and exhausted. So I started looking for probiotics and other natural immune support solutions. And that’s when I came across doTERRA essential oils.


What are essential oils?

According to doTERRA, essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds, which are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.  Essential oils give plants their distinctive smells, they protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and their beautiful fragrance, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

People use essential oils for all kinds of things – the more I look at them the more I realise that I know nothing about aromatherapy and there is a lot more to know than I thought.

I would stop short of claiming that an essential oil can cure any illness, as advertising standards and the established medical profession don’t like you saying things like that. But what I do know about essential oils after sampling a selection of doTERRA products is that they do make you feel good and lift your mood. Some of them certainly help your skin if you apply them topically, and an aromatherapy massage is one of the best things ever.

So far, I’m more convinced than my family.  I’ve got oils going in my diffuser most mornings to wake me up and get me ready for work.  I anoint my feet after swimming and again at night, with a mixture of essential oils and moisturiser. They have never felt so clean, soft and amazing, and I feel uplifted from the amazing scents as well – not what my feet normally smell like in Summer!

I’ve used oils on insect bites, sore muscles and on little cuts and scrapes – definitely beneficial. And I’ve started to clean my kitchen and bathroom with essential oil-based products – they smell amazing and work at least as well as the shop-bought chemical stuff.

I’ve also snuck a few drops of essential oil into my cooking, into smoothies and into detox water recipes.  My husband and teenagers think I am a bit woo-woo, but they are humouring me, and we are starting to get well.  I will update this again when cold season hits this coming autumn and winter but so far I think that essential oils are really improving our health and wellbeing.

Why did I become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate?

The first and main reason why I took the plunge and decided to become a Wellness Advocate is that you can save money.  You sign up, either by buying an Enrollment kit, or by buying a £20 Welcome kit (which does not include any oils) and then you can save 25% on everything you buy. You can also have access to the Loyalty Rewards programme which gives you a further 10-30% savings (and a monthly free bonus product) if you commit to buying stuff each month.

You don’t have to buy the same things every month and you can change your monthly order right up until the day it ships, and even change the date it arrives. so I put everything I buy into my monthly order, and I have already been able to afford quite a few freebies on top of the stuff I have purchased.

My main bugbear with doTERRA at the moment is that everything just looks so wonderful.  They have so many diffuser blend recipes and scented craft ideas on their website that I just want to buy all of the ingredients and try them.  I could seriously bankrupt myself on this site.  I’m trying to be patient and buy a small amount each month but it is just so hard.

Moving forward with doTERRA

If you want to be a Wellness Advocate just to save money on your own purchases, that is absolutely fine. There is never any pressure – no purchase or sale targets or anything. You can develop at your own pace and just buy what you need as you need it.

But there is a problem with that – if you are anything like me and have tried MLM before, or if you are tempted by the concept that you could earn enough money from doTERRA so that your own products could be free, then it’s probably only a matter of time before you start thinking about sharing the products with your friends and maybe seeing where that would lead you.

And that is where the fun starts.   If you have a good sponsor team (and I certainly do), then there are people standing by to help you and bend over backwards for you. All you have to do is whisper ” I think I might like to take this further” and our team will rush in to help you figure out how to fit a doTERRA business into your lifestyle.

In our team, we have one person who is a massage therapist already. So she can change the oils she uses over to doTERRA and then let people have her website link to buy what they have just experienced.  One lady runs art classes and is just diffusing beautiful scents into her classroom.  Another one sells products at craft markets and is going to introduce a range of oil-infused products into what she sells, selling the appropriate oils alongside them to top up the scent as required. Another one has an office job, and has just taken the oils into work and sold them to her friends who love the way the office smells so fresh now.  And I run a mum based internet empire, so I’m telling all my online friends about doTERRA on my blog and on Facebook.

Whatever you do in your life currently, you can make doTERRA fit in with it. You can do face to face parties, classes, or Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Whatever suits you.

My sponsor Rebecca said “DoTERRA is there to make you be more of who you want to be”.  She is a coach and fits in her oils with her coaching business. Now she coaches people about doTERRA and is a great mummy to us all.

So what’s the Bad stuff?

Building a MLM business is never easy.  See my free report below if you want to know more about the MLM business model in general.   I’m going into doTERRA with my eyes open this time, having done it several times before. This time I know I have found a company that ticks all the boxes in my report and I am happy to stick with, through the tough beginnings.

People call MLM a scam or a ‘pyramid scheme’.  It’s not, its completely different – I may write about the differences sometime, but it would take a whole separate blog. You will come across negative people when you start this business, who don’t really understand how it all works.  When you buy products from a MLM distributor, the profits from the sale of that product are paid to a whole lot of independent distributors who are working hard to support their families. When you buy products from a shop the profits go into the pockets of faceless corporates.  Which do you prefer?

How much do you earn?

The truth is that at the beginning of any MLM company you do not get paid a huge amount, even though that is when you put in the most work.  In that respect though, I have to say that doTERRA has one of the best compensation schemes I have ever seen in MLM and is very generous even in the early stages. Most people don’t become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate for the money – they do it first and foremost because they love the products and want to buy lots of them.  But the money is pretty good too, if you are prepared to work for it.

Anything bad about doTERRA?

So far for me there isn’t a huge amount. OK, I think the term Wellness Advocate is a bit naff, and over the top American, but I can live with that.  One bugbear I have selling online is that the website is not very intuitive and some people give up with their purchase before they have even completed it, which is sad because they are really missing out if only they could perservere.

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is pushed a bit too hard on the website – it looks like it’s compulsory and you have to buy products every month, which I think could put some people off.  The LRP isn’t compulsory at all – although you do get rewarded more, the more consecutive months that you do purchase, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t sign up for it.

Then there is the attitude of some qualified aromatherapists online, who hate the idea that uneducated, unqualified people like me should dare to sell aromatherapy products to people. And that is why I am careful with what I say online.  I have read a huge amount of information over the last few months about essential oils being really beneficial in treating a lot of minor conditions, and some bigger ones.  I would never recommend to anybody that they replace a conventional medicine prescribed by a doctor with an alternative health regime, but if you are able to take both together, and if the aromatherapy lifts your mood and boosts you, then maybe the conventional medicine will work better for you.

I’m learning fast, by reading copiously from multiple sources and possibly getting to the point where I might take a professional aromatherapy qualification in the future – and then I will be able to speak with authority and challenge the naysayers from a point of strength.

And what are the best bits?

I love the fact that doTERRA already have a distribution warehouse in the UK, so the products arrive about 2-3 days after you order them. This is so much better than the other American MLMs I have done and it is a breath of fresh air.

The products are fantastic (did I say that already?), and the packaging of the various kits is also lovely.  I also love the doTERRA website, with so much useful information on there, plus the huge, many and various communities on Facebook , where people share their expertise.


So here is the really scary thing for me –  in a few short weeks, doTERRA has taken hold of me, and may possibly change the course of my life.  I can see myself being forced out of my introverted computer nerd shell and out into the real world, teaching people about the joys of essential oils. I can see myself going to pamper evenings and mums networking groups (oh the strain) and giving people hand massages with beautiful scented oils (how will I cope?).

I want to share this opportunity with the mums that read this blog, because it has cheered me after a bad time and made me so happy and optimistic for the future, such as I haven’t been in ages.  This is work that doesn’t feel like work – sharing a beautiful thing with beautiful people.

And I don’t know if you are a Law of Attraction person, but since the essential oils have been helping me lift my mood, I can detect a shift in my home and family life too.  Things are finally starting to resolve themselves and move on, and a few problems and barriers that I had in my life seem to be lifting.

This is all a bit weird and  woo woo, even for me, and a more than a little bit scary.  But so far, it’s working for me, and that is why I would love to share it with you.

If you would like to see a bit more about doTERRA oils then take a look at my website Florescence 

If you would like to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate then go to the website above and choose Join and Save

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