I’ve decided to start a regular series on network marketing companies, because there are just so many opportunities out there and it is still the best way for mums to set up a part time business from home.  So today, I’m interviewing Becky Taylor about her experience with Scentsy.

Tell us a bit about you – what did you do before Network marketing?  What else do you do as well as Scentsy?
I have done network marketing in various companies over the years, with varying degrees of success. I had taken a break from network marketing and during this time I gave birth to my third child. I started looking into joining a network marketing company again a few months ago. I did lots of research and that’s when I decided on Scentsy.
As well as working for Scentsy as an independent consultant, I also have a part time job working in a bar and I also run my own business making children’s cushions and memory blankets. Then on top of that I am Mam to three wonderful children.
How did you find out about Scentsy and why did you decide to join?
I had heard about Scentsy a few times before but I had never really bothered to look into it. I thought it was mainly based in the USA. When I decided to research more I realised that it was available in the UK too. I was fed up with doing network marketing with beauty companies and I knew the diet/health ones weren’t for me and that’s when I decided to give Scentsy a try.
Tell us a bit more about Scentsy 
Scentsy sell wickless, flameless candles that are safe around children and pets! We have over 50 different warmers and over 80 different wax scents. We also sell other fragrance products, kids products and laundry products.
What is your favourite Scentsy product within your company, and what is so special about it?
My absolute favourite product is our Etched Core Warmer. It’s so simple yet so pretty and when it glows it looks beautiful. It can also have wraps added to it to completely change the look.
How do you spread the word about Scentsy – do you do parties? Do you run stalls? Do you sell online? 
I do parties. At Scentsy we have three different types of parties. Home parties are the classic direct selling party. Basket parties are where you get to lend some of the products and take them to work or keep them at your house and show them to your family and friends and collect orders. We also do online Facebook parties. I also sell online via my personal website and I’m hoping to do stalls at fairs etc too.
How do you fit this in with your family and other commitments?
I find it easy to fit in around my other commitments. My oldest two children are in school and nursery so I usually give myself an hour in the morning while my youngest has a nap, to do all the bits and pieces I need to get done.
Do you receive a lot of training about your products and how to sell them? Tell us about the support you get from your upline.
I received plenty of training. There is a full section on the consultants website that is full of videos and hints and tips. You also receive a full Consultant guide when you receive your kit. There are also product training guides. My upline is fab. We have our own private Facebook group where we can share our ideas and ask for help and I know my sponsor is always on the other end of the phone when I need her.
What’s the most fun thing about doing what you do?  
I love getting to meet and speak to new people all of the time. I love sharing the products with people. I also have a lot of fun smelling all the product testers while I try and decide which wax I want to buy next!
If somebody wanted to join your company how would they sign up and what advice would you give them? 
People sign up to the company via my personal website. My biggest advice would be to make sure that you are prepared to work hard to get those first few sales. Once you have those first few customers your business will naturally grow as people share the products with their family and friends.
Anything else you want to tell us – any special offers, promos or anything else you want to plug….?
We often run special offers and as I type this we have an amazing limited edition summer collection out. Contact me for more details
If you are interested in finding out more about Scentsy, you can contact Becky Taylor at her website  www.beckytaylor.scentsy.co.uk or on her Facebook page Beckys Scents.
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