When  your children start to get into their teens all of a sudden they become much more critical of their own appearance.  My daughter has hair that I would have died for at that age – it is thick and lustrous with natural volume – but all she can see is the frizz…. Step forward Frizz Ease

My daughter is never happy with her hair. She has inherited thick hair from me, and wiry hair from her father’s side of the family, and I think it looks amazing. It has volume and body that I would have killed for when I was a teen back in the 80s. But we are not in the 80s any more and the look she is coveting now is the sleek lustrous one – stright shiny hair that hangs effortlessly.

frizz ease


When I look at her hair I see enviable, effortless volume – but all she can see is the frizz….


So when John Frieda contacted me and asked me to review their Frizz Ease range, I thought I could be the perfect mummy and the answer to all her prayers.

John Frieda Frizz Ease range

The nice people from John Frieda sent me 4 Frizz Ease products; shampoo, conditioner, pre wash treatment and serum.

So the next objection – “Where am I going to find the time to do all that?”  Seems like I can’t win after all.


So I had a go myself. My hair is not as frizzy as my daughter’s but it does tend towards dryness and I’ve noticed the (ahem!) silver sparkly hairs seem to be more frizzy than the rest and tend to stick up and get noticed a bit more. It can be a bit wild and could use a bit of taming.

So I just tried the shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

The one problem I had is that the shampoo and conditioner come in tubes that look exactly the same.  With my regular brand, the shampoo and conditioner bottles are a completely different shape which helps.  I am completely blind as a bat in the shower with my glasses off and soap in my eyes.  I have since realised that the conditioner tube has a pink bit on, but sadly I realised that a bit too late…..

But once I sorted that mix up out, I have only good things to say about the product.  It felt really good going on and I could certainly feel that there was something different in my hair, even as I was rinsing it.

And, if I say so myself,  the results were pretty spectacular.


my hair after using Frizz Ease

Not only is my hair sitting down nicely and behaving itself, but the silver sparkles are blending in a bit more and looking like more of a highlight than ugly greyness.  I’m really pleased with this and will probably continue to use this range.


So back to my daughter. She was reassured by my results and went off and tried the whole range while in the bath over the weekend.   It certainly made a big difference to her hair too.  So flat that she didn’t like it and called it too lank.  She said that it didn’t feel like her at all, and she actually prefers the volume, now she sees what it’s like without. She begged me not to take a picture of it. Seems like you can’t win with teenagers….

You can find out all about the Frizz Ease range at the John Frieda website . You can buy John Frieda in supermarkets and salons, but I’ll be buying mine from Amazon 

But for now, I have four John Frieda Frizz Ease products to give away to a lucky reader. They are the same as mine

Forever Smooth Shampoo

Forever Smooth Conditioner

10 Day Tamer Pre wash treatment

Extra strength 6 effects serum


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