Network marketing…. we love it ourselves but we hate everyone else doing it to us. We have all seen the hard sell merchants, and I bet if you are like me you have been turned right off by more than a few of them.  But how much is too much and how can you get the balance right?

I’m writing this on 30th September, and my Facebook feed is full of network marketers screaming:

“Buy my stuff because I only need to sell £100 more before midnight tonight to get my next promotion”

Network marketing

Now I don’t know about you but that is a real turn off for me.  Why should I buy from you because you didn’t make your promotion yet? What has that got to do with me?

I might help out a friend in that predicament, but I certainly would not buy from somebody I didn’t know for that reason.

Tell me about your products, tell me what they are going to do for me and how they are going to make me feel – I don’t actually care how my money is going to make you feel and it’s nothing to me whether you get your promotion or not….

How about this one –

“Join my network marketing team today because it’s just fantastic and I need to recruit 5 more people this month to show them the fabulous opportunity”

That just tells me that that person is going to teach me how to aggressively nag my friends until they all run away. It tells me nothing about why I might want to work for that company.

Do you think it makes sense to be aggressive and close people HARD on joining your network marketing business?  I absolutely don’t

I don’t think you should be aggressive at ALL when recruiting someone. It may even backfire on you.

To start off with , being too pushy and too aggressive repels most people.  hard closers may recruit a lot of people but they repel a lot more.

But there’s even a bigger, more important reason to never oversell to people, especially when you are recruiting.

You see, to succeed in network marketing, you need to have the entrepreneurial drive, and to be disciplined to do what you need to do.

Well that just about eliminates the vast majority of people.

And no matter how swiftly you can overcome their objections and skillfully close them, the reality is… they will NEVER do anything. Which will only drive you INSANE.

Why aren’t my new team members doing anything?  Simply because they shouldn’t have joined in the first place.

Network marketing

So how hard should you try to close people like that?  You shouldn’t even be recruiting them in the first place.

The right person is going to pester YOU incessantly on why they should be a part of your business.

You can tell by how they talk and more importantly what they do, if they’re ripe for the picking.

And the only way to find them without beating the bushes and talking to anyone who can fog a mirror is with attraction marketing.

You put the ‘bait’ out there, and see who bites.

Isn’t that a much better way to find people instead of bugging the heck out of everyone who comes within 3 feet of you?

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