I’ve been giving Tailwind and Tribes a try – here is what I’ve found so far…

I’ve never really tried hard with Pinterest for Mum’s the Boss.

Twitter and Facebook I understand – I’ve been able to build followers and on Facebook I run my own profile, pages and groups and I just get it.

But I figured that my random blog wasn’t really very pretty or  pin-worthy (Pinterest is a visual medium, right?), and as a result I haven’t really done very much with it. I haven’t got many recipes or craft tutorials and my pictures are not jaw droppingly beautiful, so what’s the point?

As you can see over the last 2 years, I had one lucky month in September 2017 with 9 visitors from Pinterest and apart from that I typically get around 4-5 visitors from Pinterest to my blog per month

Recently though, as I ‘ve been thinking of ways to revive my blog, and starting to read other people’s blogs again , I’m seeing more and more that bloggers are saying that Pinterest is their best traffic source.  So as Facebook reach is declining and I’m not in the mood to pay for ads as I’m not actually selling anything, I thought it was time to learn how to use Pinterest properly and to give it a go.

It’s an irony really – I used Pinterest to research how to use Pinterest – and as I did so, I began to realise that maybe my instructional blog posts should all be on there – as it is a great tool for doing research and finding relevant posts about a subject, then saving them for yourself for future reference.  So I saved a big pile of posts on Pinterest for bloggers, and when I had time I sat and read them all.

Here is my Pinterest board on How to Use Pinterest – it’s got lots of great articles in it and also shows you how to optimise a blog post to be pinnable

Unlinke some other social media platforms which seem to have several different ways to post on them – for Pinterest it seems quite clear cut. Everybody seems to be agreed that if you are on Pinterest then you should use Tailwind.  I barely saw another software package mentioned in my random sample of bloggers posts.


What is Tailwind?

At its basic level Tailwind is an app which allows you to schedule pins. It’s available for computer and mobile.

Tailwind makes it much easier to pin things from your own site and from other random sites that you follow. You can spread your pins out during the day and you can constantly shuffle your pin queue.  That means that once you have established a reasonable queue then you can pin 4 or 5 different images from the same blog post onto the same board, but then you can shuffle them up so they do not all land at the same time and they get interspersed with other stuff. This is good Pinterest protocol and so Tailwind makes it easier to do well on Pinterest.

There is an easy to use extension on Google Chrome, so that any time you are surfing the web and see something pinnable you can just grab it and add it to your queue. If you don’t have a suitable board for it, you can even hold it in drafts while you put a new board together.

Using Tailwind

Tailwind is probably not for the total beginner Pinterest user.  You need to have several boards set up to start with, and it will not help you with setting up or optimising your boards.  This is a whole area I will need to get to grips with a bit as my boards have tended to be a bit random. But if you need to learn about setting up your boards and making them beautiful then you need another post, as I am certainly not an expert yet.

So what have I done so far?

First of all I followed all the suggestions on the Tailwind account to optimise my profile there. They send a lot of very helpful emails and it was all very easy to follow.  I set up my schedule – first of all I used their smart scheduler to schedule 5 posts a day at the times they recommended. When you start you get 100 posts for free, so that gave me a good few days to try it out and see how it works.

I pinned some holiday snaps and linked them to my blog on my holiday cottage – you can set the URl for each pin as you schedule it.

Then as I built my queue of posts I added more schedule slots until at the moment I’m posting about 50 pins a day. As I write this, the vast majority of these are other people’s posts, but there are quite a few of my own peppered in there.  My next step will be to go back to my blog and attach some pinnable images onto my best and most popular blog posts and get them out there along with the rest of my content. And then I will need to get out there and follow some other accounts to build up my followers.

And that brings me to Tailwind Tribes, which is another concept that popped up several times over the course of my research.  I’m sure if you are reading thsi then you have probably been active on Facebook and joined ‘like ladders or comment sharing ladders where everybody likes each other sposts in order to give them all a bit more socieal media traction.

Tailwind Tribes is like that but for Pinterest.  You can join tribes that are suitable for your niche. In each tribe you post your own relevant content, and then you promise to pin content from the other tribe members.  It’s a great way to find other content to pin and keep your Tailwind queue full up and also good to find other stuff that interests you to read.  So, for instance I joined a couple of tribes for UK parenting bloggers and now I have a huge queue of recipes, home business advice, parenting tips and all sorts of good things for my Pinterest boards and for my life too.

So I have been experimenting and so far, I like what I see.  And so then , the obvious next step – to set up a Tailwind Tribe of my own.

Come and join the Blogging Mums Tailwind Tribe

With a large Facebook group of mum Bloggers – the Blogging Mums Club  it makes sense for me to form a Tailwind tribe around that niche – and so the Blogging Mums Tailwind Tribe has just been set up today for all blogging mums to share blog posts with each other on Pinterest. If you are new to Tailwind and come and jon my Tribe then you will get a free month of Tailwind Plus, so you can try it out and see what you think of it. it will be a quite a small tribe to start with, but hopefully it will grow and we can all find success on Pinterest together.

So there you have it – I’ve been using Tailwind for about two weeks now and I understand that it takes a bit of time to show a difference.  But I do know that as of the end of April I have had 13 Pinterest visitors on my site for the month, so I’m already breaking records (albeit not very exciting records).  I will update this post in May and beyond and let you know how it all goes.

I hope that some of you will choose to follow me on this great adventure



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