How many times have you asked yourself Why?, Why not?, Why not me? Or Why not now? Most people ask these questions to themselves a lot. You don’t understand or it doesn’t seem fair that you aren’t the receiver of good news.


Asking yourself questions is actually a great thing, but you need to ask positive questions, not negative ones. Asking Why not me? Is not a positive question, you are complaining because you didn’t get something that you thought you were worthy of.

Don’t get me wrong, asking Why questions is good. Any question that begins with Why helps you to understand a concept or a situation. Small children are always asking this type of question. They want to learn the why and how of how things work, it is all part of the learning process.

Children ask why all the time

Wanting to know why is how you understand what is going on in the world that surrounds you. It is possible, that as you mature, you lose your childhood desire of wanting to know more.

Instead you rely on your own judgement and how you see the world and this can lead to problems. So if you haven’t asked a Why question in a long time, now is the time to start doing so. Become curious again and start to seek a better understanding of what is going on around you. You will become a better person for it.

In addition to asking Why questions about your surroundings. Ask this type of question to yourself. Take the time to discover what your Why is about your life. What drives and motivates you today? What are you passionate about?

The questions Why not me? And Why not now? Can be understood in two different ways. Both of which, depend upon your mindset. As we mentioned earlier most people feel upset and let down when they ask Why not me? Instead you need to ask yourself the exact same question with a positive outlook, you now become hopeful when you say the words Why not me?

If you missed a promotion or lucked out on getting something that you wanted, just say to yourself Why not me? Why can’t you still get what it is you were hoping for, and then go after it. Isn’t that a much better frame of mind to be in? Who doesn’t want to portray a positive mindset as opposed to always coming across as a negative person?

Ask yourself why

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