When you find yourself with surplus eggs, look online for some different egg recipes…. I found lots of ideas

The one thing I don’t like about online shopping is that you can’t physically see your basket.  I managed to completely overbuy eggs this week as two different brands appeared in my Favourites list and  I bought them twice. Then my husband came home from work that evening and said “I brought home some eggs because I really fancied some”. He never does that, so why this week?  Really, you couldn’t make it up.

So we have had our favourite scrambled eggs, he has taken some hard boiled to work today, and I’m having an omelette for lunch….  But I’m still up to my eyes in surplus eggs. So I thought I would look for some more ideas.  I haven’t tried all of these yet, but I will be working my way through them…..

Egg Salad Made with Avocado – More with Less Today

Hard boiled eggs can be so good for you but if you’re adding a lot to them in recipes like deviled eggs or egg salad, especially high fat processed dressings, then the health benefits are lost…

Lori from More with Less today has dreamed up a twist on the traditiional egg mayo, with added veggies and a great mix of flavours. i love the idea of serving it with lettuce wraps too. Read more


Spinach Millet Egg Bake with Dill and Parmesan – Naturally Ella

One of the things I love about running this site for so long is seeing how some of my favorite recipes morph. Outside of developing recipes, I don’t measure. I go based on whatever mood I’m in and never cook a meal the same way twice. This millet egg bake is the perfect example…

Ella from naturally Ella cooks the same way I do – by trial and error. I’m fairly sure when I make this I will experiment even more, but it’s a great base to start from….. Read more


Healthy Green Egg Muffins Recipe – Mama Instincts

Breakfast can sometimes be a struggle. You want to eat well but you’re tired and nothing’s ready and… you’re tired. It can be particularly hard to juggle breakfast if it’s a busy morning and you have to be out of the house early.

This is such a good idea to prepare a nutritious breakfast the night before –  and I love the spinach and eggs combo. I’m definitely going to try these. For my UK readers, 350 Fahrenheit is 180 Centigrade. Read more


Soy Salmon with Egg-Fried Rice –  Recipe Wisdom

As a Disaster Chef, making sure the rice is cold before trying to stir-fry it has been a revelation to me. I used to buy pre-packed egg fried rice because mine always looked like pebbledash, but this is the answer.

Mmm egg fried rice is definitely one of my comfort foods, and having a piece of salmon with it will help me to believe it’s healthy….. I will probably add some greens to this meal – spinach or maybe samphire. Read more


Egg White Vegetable Scramble – The Complete Herbal Guide


This is kind of the way my omelettes turn out when they stick to the pan. But sometimes it’s good to set out to do a scramble – then you are not disppointed.  Personally I’m a full egg type of person and egg white only is not really my thing, but go for it if it’s yours…… Read more


Mexican bean tortillas with egg & zingy avo salsa – Abel Prasad

Zingy avo salsa is perfectly paired with these easy vegetarian tortillas. 

I woudn’t normally think of adding an egg to a Mexican style meal, but I might just give this a try…. Read more


Eggs Benedict – Sheffield Telegraph

Eggs Benedict is a traditional American breakfast or brunch dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin each of which is topped with Canadian bacon, ham or sometimes bacon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce.

My husband adores Eggs Benedict and often has it when we are out, so I may save this one up for Father’s Day  Read more


Asparagus Egg Toast – Clean Food Crush

Asparagus and eggs go so well together! This combo is quick enough for a fast weekday breakfast or lunch, but it’s also a beautiful presentation for weekend guests! 

This just looks deliecious – and asparagus is in season right now! Read more


So there you go, some lovely egg recipes which will certainly give me some inspiration for dealing with the current glut. If you try any of these please leave me a comment or let me know how you like to cook eggs.


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