by Kathy Yvanovich, the Mind, Body and Soul Coach

The Mind Body and Soul Coach how to attract what you want
Kathy Yvanovich

Knowing how to Attract What You Want is one of our key skills to develop in this life. These 10 laws, taken from my website, will develop a relaxed sense of ease while creating your reality.

The 10 Laws to follow are below. The opposites are provided bracketed  in italics for comparison and contrast, which helps in learning and understanding.  Focus on the “Do” laws and only glance at the (Ignore) sentences.

When you learn to master the art of generating emotions, you will realize that nothing outside yourself will cause you to feel a certain way.  Emotions come from within, and when you can “feel it now”, you will naturally attract more of the same!

Success in manifesting depends on desiring in the proper way.  There is energy/spirit in all things.  Think of the vast spaces between atoms and electrons: pure energy!  We are made of this energy and connected with the entire universe in this way, which is why our thoughts create our reality and how we attract what we focus on and imagine.  You are made of this energy stuff and these quizzical 10 Laws will encourage you to trust and surrender – which is one key of the Law of Attraction.

Remember to focus most on the “Do” laws and only glance at the (Ignore) words.

1: Want what you want to attract, but don’t need it.  Express gratitude for your current blessings.  Allow more to flow into your life by cultivating a spirit of contentment and acceptance.

(Needing it.  Absolutely requiring what you want in order to be happy.  Wanting in a very demanding way.)

2. Want with relaxation and ease.  Think of the difference between power and force.   Replace hurry with patience.

(Wanting with force and compulsion.  Trying to control and make everything and everyone turn out the way you want.)

3. Open yourself to something better.  Visualise the end result and allow the universe to figure out the “hows”.

(Insisting specifics.  Insisting that what you want Must manifest in a particular way, method, time.)

4. Be happy without it.  You can be happy while still desiring some things to be better in your life.  Enjoy happiness right now.  Now is a gift – that’s why it’s called The Present.

(Dwelling on unhappiness and lack.  Eliminating the creative flow by desiring in a pressured and grasping way.)

5. Trust and surrender.  Trust in a higher power and wisdom, that knows what is absolutely best for you.  Surrender in humility to this higher power.

(Allowing fear and ego to rule.  Refusing to relax and surrender because you think you can do everything yourself.)

6. Know Why you want it.  Ask yourself: For What Purpose?  What emotional state do you desire and anticipate – how will it feel, and where precisely do you feel this in your body/head?

(Avoiding conscious creation; not attempting to understand why you want something, merely believing it will fulfill you somehow.)

7. Explore your reasons.  The more reasons and benefits you can think of in detail, the more likely you will attract what you want. Imagine in full colour, with sound, clear focus, temperature, tastes and smells, with movement and form, faces, places… Have fun with it!

(Maintaining only 1 reason for wanting.  Not expanding your mind nor thinking of more benefits.)

8.Take small steps.  Any action, small or massive, takes you closer to your desired outcome.  Incremental actions leads to monumental results!

(Freezing yourself with inactivity.  Thinking that the big important steps take too much energy/time/effort, so doing nothing instead.)

9. Exercise patience and consistent action.  Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy idea.  Free yourself from linear time and live in the Now.

(Demanding it now.  Insisting on the need to hurry (because you won’t be happy without it).  Believing there is some real destination to reach.)

10. Believe you are worth it.  You do deserve what you want, what you focus on.  Your focus creates your reality.  Identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs.  Remember that you can powerfully, intentionally create what you want.

(Believing in your own inferiority.   Telling yourself you do not deserve good things in your life.  Finding proof.   Insisting, talking, thinking like a victim.)

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There are many powerful techniques that effectively deal with limiting beliefs and help you to attract what you want.  Tell me what you think may be stopping you from achieving some of your wishes, and we’ll deal with it!  Also ask me for Guided Visualisation at one of our sessions…

Wishing you wellness in mind, body and soul,
Kathy Yvanovich

The Mind Body and Soul Coach
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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