Have your children just got their exam results and decided to go and get a job instead of continuing to college or university?  Here are some interview tips for them, or for you if you are changing careers…

interview tips

Job interviews have always been nerve-wracking. Now, the pressure’s on with more competition for posts and multi-skilled applicants who are desperate to impress. If you haven’t interviewed for a position in a while, you can feel way out of your depth.

With the right interview skills, you can build your confidence to help you nail your interview. Take a look at these modern interview tips that will help you land your next job.

Go further with your research

When it comes to job interviews, doing your research is important. However, rather than simply reading the ‘About’ page on a website, look a bit deeper. Take a look at their blog, scan their social media posts and find some things the company has done recently that have impressed you. You’ll impress with your knowledge and show that you’ve taken the time to look beyond the obvious.

Take notes with you

interview tips

Unlike your school exams or your driving theory test, most interviewers will let you take notes in with you to an interview – and not many people know that. Notes can help you to feel less nervous, and while they can help provide you with some information or facts and figures – sometimes even just having them can help you with your interview.

Look beyond the job title to demonstrate your skills

Job titles can be somewhat meaningless today. There’s a lack of consistency, which can make it easy to overlook jobs you could be right for. Take a closer look at jobs offered by Alexander Daniels by reading the job descriptions and not just dismissing the title. Use your interview to show exactly why you’d be the best candidate for the job and don’t be put off because something says it’s an ‘executive’ or ‘managerial’ position.

Clean up your social media profile

While you might be trying your best to find out all you can about your potential new employer, the chances are that they’re trying to find out all they can about you. While your social media account is a great place to share news and views with your friends and family, it might not be the best place to impress your new employer. Clean up your social media profile and make sure you give the best impression, both in person and online.

Rehearse modern questions

Modern interview questions go beyond the classics of ‘where do you see yourself in five years’, etc., and can focus on anything from brain teasers to putting you in hypothetical scenarios. Take a look at some common interview questions and get rehearsing to help you land the role.

interview tips

Job interviews are an opportunity to sell yourself and your skills, and a bit of practice can go a long way toward helping you get what you want. Read some great tips on how to make a good first impression to help you impress at your interview to help you land that job.

If you have any other intervierw tips, or if you have had an unexpected question in an interview, then please share them below. I’m sure people would love to hear them and learn from your experience.

interview tips
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