It only seems a few weeks ago that I was publishing posts on strawberries, summer smoothies and detox water. Nobody wants soup recipes in summer….

But certainly where I’m sitting, things have taken a bit of a change since the children went back to school.

I’ve put my toes away, dug out my trainers and old trusty boots, and I’m wearing a jumper as I sit at my keyboard. Like it or lump it, Autumn is here again.

Quite a few people seem to love the Autumn – I have more than a few friends who say it is their favourite season.  Me, I’m more a child of the spring and summer, and when it finally finishes I can get very down.


But one good thing about this time of year is the comfort food that suddenly seems appetising again.  I made a roast chicken dinner for the first time in ages last weekend, and then, because I always do, it was followed the next day by homemade chicken bone broth.

And that got me thinking – yes, its soup season again! Time to dig out my trusty Cusinart soup maker (affilate link)

I love this device so much because it is just one pot – chuck all the ingredients in, saute, boil and then blend.  My favourite thing is to set it running while I take the dogs for a walk, then when I come back at lunchtime I have hot steamy soup waiting to welcome me home.

It’s not yet cold enough for me to truly appreciate that , but it won’t be long.

The great thing about making soup is that your veggies don’t have to be perfect. You can throw in assorted leftovers from the day before and with a few onions, some garlic and herbs or spices you can whip up something warm, comfoting and palatable in no time.

Or if you prefer, you can really make something beautiful out of your soup, following a recipe, and ending up with something that looks appetising and tastes delicious.

Here are a few of my favourite soup recipes –  some of them I follow to the letter – others I just use for inspiration.

Vegetable Soup by Spend with Pennies

vegetable soup recipe
Vegetable soup by Spend with Pennies

This is a classic vegetable soup mix – very typical of what I would throw in my soup maker.  Holly bills this as a weight loss soup – it certainly packs a whole bunch of fibre and vitamins with not so many calories …   Read more

Broccoli & Stilton soup – BBC Good Food


A smooth blended vegetable soup with blue cheese that’s as good for a comforting meal as it is for a dinner party starter, from BBC Good Food.

I love broccoli and stilton as a combination – the cheese makes the soup tangy and creamy at the same time – this version also has leek and potato to boost the flavour. Yummy!   Read more

Jamie’s Black Bean soup

Kick-start a healthy new year with Jamie’s spicy and colourful Black Bean Soup recipe inspired by his recent travels to Costa Rica. 

Vegan Lentil Soup – Cookie and Kate

This healthy vegan lentil soup recipe comes together quickly with pantry ingredients.

Mediterranean spices, fresh greens and a squeeze of lemon make it the best!  I love the colour and the flavour is rich and scrummy too!  Read more

Easy Chicken Soup Recipe with Lemon and Pepper -WonkyWonderful

Chicken soup is my absolute favourite at this time of year.  My own recipe (passed down from mum) is pretty basic, but if you want a chicken soup, bursting with flavour and depth, then try this one from WonkyWonderful …Read more

Greek Chickpea soup recipe (Revithia) – My Greek Dish

soup recipes

Greek chickpea soup – A traditional wintery recipe.  Hearty, simple and extra comforting, this Greek chickpea soup recipe (revithia soupa) is with no doubt the perfect dish for a cold winter’s day! 

So many people are following the Mediterranean diet right now, and this is a perfect blend of protein, good fats and fibre – and it tastes fabulous too!  Read more

Paleo-friendly Coconut Red Curry Soup Recipe –

Curry and soup – my two favourite comfort foods rolled into one. Make it low carb and also easy to throw together and I’m in heaven!

This Super Quick Coconut Red Curry Soup is ready in just about 15 minutes and it’s highly adaptable. Add chicken or shrimp, drop in whatever veggies are in season and you have on hand, add noodles, or don’t. It’s creamy, rich and a breeze to make.    Read more

Courgette, potato & cheddar soup – BBC Good Food

Back to BBC Good Food for an interesting combination of veggies, which do work quite nicely together.

This freezable soup is a delicious way to use up a glut of courgettes, from BBC Good Food magazine. So if you are done with ratatouille, then give this a try …   Read more

Minestrone Soup – Foodwishes

According to Foodwishes,  you don’t need a recipe for minestrone, just like you don’t need a recipe for a great sandwich, or an epic salad. To make minestrone soup precisely same way every time, using a very specific list of ingredients and amounts, is to trample on the soul of this Italian classic.

But if you are completely clueless about Italian cooking, then having a great recipe to follow for the first few times is definitely a good idea…  Read More

French Onion Soup – French Guy cooking

A French Onion Soup recipe we heard you say!? No problem, French Guy Cooking to the rescue. Sweet onions, melted cheese and finished with a gnarly top, this delicious dish will give all your tastebuds  a warm and comforting hug.

This video is worth watching just because Alex is adorable- but the soup is delicious too!  Make sure you use a ‘fresh wine’ to increase the flavour!

Winter Detox Moroccan Sweet Potato Lentil Soup Recipe – Little Spice Jar

Back to lentils for my final recipe. I’m a sucker for anything labelled ‘detox’ after my summer excesses, and Marzia is absolutely right about how thismakes your house smell. If you work from home this could be irresistible

A soul-warming recipe for homemade moroccan sweet potato lentil soup. This soup is made in the slow cooker and makes the whole house smell warm and cozy!  Read more

So there you have it – a huge selection of yummy soups to warm you up when the weather gets a bit rubbish.  Please let me know if you tried them – and if you have any others that you would like me to add to this list (including a link to your site)  then please get in touch.

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