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So in my new role as a mum who is trying to find productivity solutions to get more done in less time, the eufy RoboVac 11 is right up my street.

I’ll freely admit, I have always secretly coveted a robot vacuum cleaner.  But as I don’t even do my own hoovering generally, and my husband is suspicious of the fact that I even need a cleaning lady when I’m at home all day, I knew I was never going to find one of the more expensive ones in my Christmas stocking, even if I had been nice to Santa all year…..

So when the nice folks at eufy said they would give me a Robovac 11 to test and keep, I jumped on it.  When they said that they could also give one away to one of my lucky readers, I nearly fell over with excitement.

I will be honest, I had never even heard of eufy, nor the Robovac 11 before. When I think  of robot vacuum cleaners there are more famous names that come to mind, and when I have looked at the price of those they made my eyes water….

So before I even took my new toy out of the box I looked at comparative reviews.

I was pleased to see that Best Advisers chose the RoboVac as one of their top 5 robot vacuums and gave it the Reasonable Price award.  It scores well for price, being significantly cheaper than many of the well known alternatives, and it is also smaller and thinner, which means it can get into and under some places which the larger models would struggle to reach.

Wired magazine mentioned it in their Top 10 (reviewed Autumn 2018)  and said it is “small, nimble and quiet”

And The Independent rated the Robovac 11 no. 2 in their list published in September 2017, saying …

“The suction is good, while the side sweepers do an impressive job at collecting additional dirt. But the most impressive part is that it barely makes a sound”

The one thing I was worried about is that several reviews said that the eufy was good for light cleaning in a house with wooden floors but hinted that it might not be up to a more thorough job.

We have teenagers, pets, and a reasonably new and springy carpet in the living room with a couple of rugs, so I did wonder how it would get on….

Unboxing the RoboVac11

The RoboVac arrived very promptly after I asked for it – the packaging is simple but functional.

The device itself is very neat and comes with a very small charging device which you sit next to the wall.

The Robovac comes with side brushes that you snap on (plus a couple of spares), a spare filter, plus a handy tool for cleaning the roller brishes (which will come in very handy on my other hoover as well!)

It also comes with a very clear and easy to follow user guide, written in good English (which is certainly not the case will all electrical appliances thse days)

I was slightly sad not to find batteries supplied for the remote control, but in a house full of gadgets and teenagers I always have AAAs on hand, so that was easily fixed.

So, Step 1 was to find a spot for the RoboVac to charge.

The instructions said – Put the charging base on a hard and level surface against a wall. Remove objects withing 3 feet of the left and right hand side and 6 feet of the front of the charging base.

Here was a problem before I even began – our house is homely, some might say cluttered, and there certainly isn’t a wall space where I could give any device 6 clear feet of room.

So I charged it in my office, with maybe 2 feet of cvlearance to right and left, and 3-4 feet in front. This is maybe why it can’t find it’s way home, but that is no big deal to me.

Step 2: Turn the power switch on the side of the RoboVac to On and then press the button to start cleaning

I decided to run the Robo Vac just a couple of days after my cleaner had been to see what  a difference it would make on top of what she already does.

I opted to start in Auto mode, leaving the Robo vac to go where it wanted to.

My little dog was a bit suspicious of it at first, but after about 10 minutes both dogs broadly ignored it.

Poodle versus Robovac

It took quite a long time for the Robovac to get its bearings – it pootled round and round my office for ages (whilst blatantly ignoring a large speck of mud on the carpet which I could see clearly), then finally on the fourth or fifth attempt it manged to get out of the room and round the corner into the living room.

Once in there it bumbled around merrily.  I couldn’t tell you if it covered the whole room – the carpet is dark in there and I carried on working rather than watching it (that, after all is the point of these things).

I popped in to see it once in a while – I was really pleased to see it brushing underneath the radiator and right up against the bookshelves. It probably got into more nooks and crannies than I would if I was just doing a cursory  daily clean.

And then after about 40 minutes or so it beeped at me. I figured that maybe the battery had run out. But no, it was beeping to let me know that the dust compartment was completely full.

I must confess I was staggered at the amount of muck that was on the carpet less than 48 hours after it had been hoovered. That is a frightening amount, and you couldn’t see any of it – to me the room looked clean.  At that point I fell in love with the RoboVac and have made up my mind to run it just about every day.

Advanced Features

The RoboVac comes with different cleaning modes, including spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and you can also manually drive it to where you want it to go. That’s all well and good, but I honestly think that if I had andything specific that needed cleaning it would be much easier just to get Henry out and zap it rather than driving a little remote control vehicle to the spot.

In theory it comes back to the charging station when it needs charging too, but so far I haven’t seen any demonstration of this. I tried pressing the return to base button on the remote but it didn’t go home.

I suspect this is because the base is not in the required amont of space and my house is also a very funny shape and maybe it couldn’t figure out how to get home.

But to be honest, I’m not worried about any of this stuff. The whole idea of a robot vacuum for me, is that you can just set it and forget it while you worry about something else. And for that purpose it is fantastic.

It managed my carpet, my rugs and the dog hair very well – better even than some upright hoovers I have had. And then it called me when it needed help and was very easy to empty. Again, much easier than other hoovers I could mention. I can literally just set it and forget it

I’m not going to tell my cleaning lady to stop hoovering downstairs, but I will certainly be adding to her best efforts, with a daily whizz round from my new favourite gadget, especially when the days start getting damp and the dogs and children start bringing in mud and muck.

Black Friday 2018: Big Discounts on the Robovac series

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Robovac Black Friday Sale

The Robovac 11C will be reduced by £70  , from £219.99 to £149.99

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