Have you seen the new Pinterest Communities feature in your Pinterest account yet?  If you haven’t then please read on, to find out what Pinterest Communities are, how you can join them, and how you can form your own communities.

Pinterest Communities
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I’ve been using Pinterest to grow my blog since the beginning of May, and I’m absolutely blown away by the results I have had and the number of users coming to my blog. As at the beginning of October I have 2 million monthly unique viewers on my Pinterest profile – that is up from just over 1,000 in April.

Take a look at this post if you want to find out what I have been doing to grow my Pinterest profile and my blog, using Tailwind.

When I started working with Pinterest, I took a course online, and one thing I remember reading was that Pinterest is not a social media platform – instead, it is a search engine for visual items, more like Google or YouTube than Facebook or Twitter.

New Pinterest Communities Feature
Is Pinterest a Social Network?
It wasn’t, but that is changing now

But now it seems that is about to change – Pinterest wants to be more than a search engine, and is launching a social function too. Introducing Pinterest Communities.

How do I find Pinterest Communities?

If you go to your Pinterest account, you may not be able to see the Pinterest Communities tab, and that is because you need to be invited to a Community in order to see them.  This is quite clever of Pinterest – it will allow the Pinterest Community idea to roll out slowly, and only to those members who are actively using Pinterest.

So before we go any further – if you want to see what Pinterest Communities is all about, please join one of my communities and let’s get you started.

I have set up 2 communities so far, and I think I will stick with these two right now so I can serve them well and hopefully make them amazing

The Blogging Mums Club is for parent bloggers 

Healthy Eating is for anyone who likes good food

If you fit into either of those categories, then click on the links and join the relevant community. If you don’t fit into either of those communities, join one anyway – you can always leave later…

As soon as you join a community, then the Communities tab will appear on your Pinterest app, and when you click that you will be able to see the full range of Pinterest Communities available and join as many as you like.

So how do Communities differ from group boards?  Well, you can share pins to them and pin each other’s pins, but that is nothing new.

What you do have, which is new,  is a thread where you can chat, set up threads, post text, photos and blog links and reply to other people’s threads. So in this respect, it is very much like a Facebook Group.

I’ve joined several communities so far, and here are some ways in which people are using the Community function

  • Question and answer posts
  • Link parties (everyone posts a pin and pins all the others within a timeframe)
  • Sharing blog posts and actually visiting each other’s posts and leaving comments on them
  • Asking for links for crowdfunded blog posts 

Some people have set up communities around their own businesses and I’m sure these will grow. I’m sure some people will use these communities to sell in, and maybe to share advice and tips in the same way that the best Facebook groups do.

And I’m sure as it develops there will be some naff communities where people will set up a ‘community’ so they can just shout “buy my stuff” to their friends, but at the end of the day the internet is a free will zone, and it’s easy to leave a community if you don’t like what’s there.

I think it’s very exciting to be in at the start of what promises to be an amazing new feature on Pinterest.  I was a bit late to the party using Pinterest in general – I thought it wouldn’t fit the theme of my blog at all, but I was dead wrong on that. Now I can see real potential for this new Communities feature, and there is real scope to get my message out there.

How can I use Pinterest Communities to grow my blog?

So as a blogger, what’s the best way you can use this new Pinterest Communities feature to grow your blog and make connections?

How to use the new Pinterest Communities feature to grow your blog
Pinterest is fabulous for bloggers

It’s very hard to know where this Community lark is all going to go, and it may be that a few months down the line we all have a bit better idea of what to do and there will start to be more specific do’s and don’ts for this new platform.

But for the moment, it’s all brand spanking new, just a few weeks old, and so I would encourage you to just dive in, have a look around and start experimenting.

To start off with, I would recommend researching the communities available for the specific niche or niches that you blog about. Once you have the Communities tab on your app, when you press it you will see a list of recommended communities, like this

Join the communities and see what is going on in them – follow the other members too and hopefully people will follow you back. It’s very exciting that this is so new that even the top Recommended Communities only have a few hundred members.

I’m making a list below of Pinterest communities that I have found for bloggers in specific niches, so you might also find something to suit you there.

Once you have had a look at communities, joined in and you feel happy with what they do, then maybe it is time to start your own community, either specifically for your blog or for your wider blog niche?

There can be only one Pinterest Community for each name, so while the Communities feature is so new, it might be worth checking if your niche is still available and jumping on it while you can.  I feel really blessed to have bagged the Healthy Eating community as I reckon that will be a biggie.

If you do form a community yourself, then you can invite your Pinterest friends to it, one by one, or you can share the link and hope that others will find it.

Here is the list I have so far of communities that I have either joined or found, that are suitable for mums and/or bloggers. Click on any of the links to join the relevant community.

My own

For Bloggers

For Business Owners



If you have formed a Pinterest Community and you would like me to add it to this list, please follow me on Pinterest – Mums the Boss Blog – then fill in the attached form here. I will follow you back, join your community and add it to this list.

And if you have any comments about how you have been using Pinterest communities and what they have done for you, feel free to share.

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