Have you ever looked at your house and been stuck for ideas on how to decorate it? Have you ever looked at your family room and thought it would be better if this was here or this was hidden?

Most of us have had these feelings when it comes to decorating. That is why we have put together this post to give you the inspiration needed to make your family room the best it can be.

Maximising Space

Space is often at a premium and if you can use a few tricks to make your family room more spacious, you will create a room that is airier and light. Rooms of this flavour are ideal for family rooms as it helps to relieve tensions and feelings that you are all living on top of one another.

A big factor in opening a room is to make the staircase a little smaller. You can buy ready made stairs online. In fact, staircase design has become sleeker so you may want to consider kite winder stairs to lower the footprint and maximise light and space.

Storage solutions are important and these can be tucked away under windows and doubled as seats. Some furniture provides built in subtle storage solutions, and you should be able to buy to match your colour scheme.


When decorating your family room, your colour choice will be vital to how happy you and your family are living in it. Warmer colours such as reds and browns can be used together with earthier greens. These colours accent one another quite well and are interchangeable.

So if red or brown seems a bit dark and strong on the walls, a light green can be used instead. This gives you the freedom to use reds and browns for fixtures, fittings, and furniture.

Most of all your colour scheme should reflect your taste. You are the mum of the household after all and in many ways the boss. Therefore, it is only natural that the colour scheme is your decision.

family room

Consider the Light

Light is a big factor in a family room. Ideally, you want a cosy friendly feel but too dark and it will be off-putting rather than inviting. After you have looked at maximising space think about ways to light the naturally dimmer parts of the room.

Candles and lamps are obvious choices but clever mirror use can be inspiring as this gives the illusion of space as well as reflecting light.

Change Colour Schemes to Reflect the Season

To keep your room feeling fresh throughout the year consider changing it to match the feel of the seasons.  In spring you want a generate feelings of freshness. In the summer, you want a light airy feel, while autumn you want earthy colours. Winter with its long nights is perfect for soft creams and green colours.

Once you start experimenting with space, colour, and light, you’ll be amazed at how great your family room will look. Most importantly, your family will love it.

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