Starting up a company is just the beginning of your business journey. Even when you feel that you have got yourself established and you are making an income, there are still always things that can be tweaked and improved.

As things progress you will find yourself with lots of decisions to make – how fast to grow, whether to diversify and when. Sometimes you will need to decide to discontinue some of your business activities in favour of other ones. 

So, how do you go about making those decisions?  It’s much tougher than when you are employed – most of us home business owners do not have a board of directors to discuss these things through with. YOu are in charge and your future income will depend upon making the right decisions at the right time. So here are some tips, for coping with growth and change.

Consider your  Financial Base

Whatever you do, it is essential to maintain the financial base of the company. This is something you are going to need to get right at all stages of your company’s expansion. For instance, if you are making a good income now, but you invest money and time in a new project that doesn’t have as much success, you may find that your existing income drops rather than increases as your focus is distracted

Think about the different costs involved in running a business, as well as what expenses you might face in the future. Strong financial management is crucial if you want to keep the company afloat. 

Change With the Times

The businesses that fail in the modern world tend to be those that are left behind by the changing times. This is a trap you need to try to avoid if you are serious about being successful.

When I took over Motivating Mum in 2010 and Mums the Boss in 2012, both companies were running mums networking events – some of which charged quite large sums of money for networking lunches each month. I soon realised that following the financial crash and austerity measures, demand for this kind of lunch was dwindling fast, as mums just didn’t have the time or the funds to devote to such things.

So Mum’s the Boss moved away from networking events and I now run the business pretty much online.  Now the pendulum has swong back again and mums are going out networking again, but a couple of strong brands have filled the niche that once was mine.  Did I miss a trick in not coming back when the market turned? I possibly did, but for one reason and another that wasn’t the right time for me.

The world is changing rapidly, and technology is playing a big part in the process. And you need to keep up, keep your finger on the pulse, and allow your business to change and grow with the times. This is the best way of achieving the success you deserve, and it is important for the business.

Bring in a Business Analyst

If you want your business to move in the right direction, then maybe you should consider bringing in outside influencers. People who are skilled in identifying the way a business is run, can help you find what to look for by way of improvements. If you want to know what does a business analyst do, then check out their individual websites, because you can find consultants who are qualified in all sorts of areas and you can locate the right expert for you.

Don’t Try to be Too Clever

One of the big mistakes a lot of business owners make these days is that they try to be too clever. You need to realise that your business has a niche, and you need to focus on what you do well and become an expert in one field rather than a dabbler in many.

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