I have got some fabulous Christmas gift reviews stacked up to tell you about over the next few weeks, including items for those folks who are notoriously hard to buy for.  This stainless steel cocktail bar set is just one such perfect present, and I bet you know somebody who would love this.

Disclosure, this post contains Amazon affiliate links.  If you buy this product or anything else from Amazon after following my link, I amy receive a small commission

I was asked to review this at the beginnning of this week , and I placed an order with Amazon Prime on Monday. The set was delivered on Tuesday evening.  Fantastic service – I don’t know how anyone manages without Amazon Prime at this time of year

Stainless Steel Cocktail Bar set

So the set arrives in a lovely black can – this makes it a great present to wrap – it would even fit on one of those bags that are designed to take a bottle (and let’s face it, the intended recipient would be the kind of person you normally buy a bottle for…)

Inside the set there are 5 pieces:

1: Cocktail shaker

Cocktail bar set - shaker

NB, my photos seem to show these items as brassy coloured. This is just the light in in my kitchen and the lack of daylight generally in November. In the flesh all of these items are silver stainless steell coloured

The cocktail shaker is the main item of course, and probably the thing that most people think of if they want to buy a cocktail bar set.

When the shaker arrived, I’ll be honest it was a little bit smaller than I thought it would be. The maximum capacity is about 300ml – when you add in ice, fruit and other things that are going to be strained and not finish up in the glass, you wil make a drink much smaller than that. So it is definitely a shaker for making a cocktail for one person.

The stainless steel it is made of is quite thin – so much so that the lip of the shaker is almost sharp. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not drinking directly from the shaker (please tell me you aren’t) nor giving it to small children (again I can think of a few reasons why this would be a bad idea..)

If you need to know how to shake a cocktail this video is fab 

Don’t just rock it – you are trying to wake it up not send it to sleep

That’s my quote of the day and what I have learned today…..

2: Spirit measure

This is really cute – two-sided for single or double measures. This just looks and feels the part.  I, of course, have it up the double measure end – is there any other way when you are making drinks at home and not paying bar prices for them?

Cocktail bar set -spirit measure

3: Pourer

Cocktail bar set -pourer

This fits in the top of your favourite bottle so you can do one of those fancy high pouring moves and make yourself look professional while you are preparing your cocktail. In reality you could do with several of those so you can put one on each bottle that you are mixing together, but hey – one is better than none

4: Stirrer or Muddler

Basically, this is a stick for stirring your drink with. But if we give it a fancy name then you will think that it is much more important than that. It’s also got a cute smiley face on…

Cocktail bar set -stirrer

Also if you get really into your cocktail making, you will discover that not all cocktails are supposed to be shaken – some of them are better stirred. So if you know the difference between your shaken and your stirred (think James Bond) then this fancy stirrer will really come in useful, as will the strainer. If you stick, like Mr Bond, to a vodka martini, then you can probably lose this, or use it to stir your tea instead.

5: Strainer

Cocktail bar set -strainer

This type of strainer is known as a Hawthorne strainer. To be honest I had no idea what this was for or why it was this shape – I usually use the little strainer which is built into the top of the cocktail shaker.

top of the cocktail shaker showing inbuilt strainer
Top of the cocktail shaker showing inbuilt strainer

But if you want to make the most of your tools and look the part completely, this is how to use the Hawthorne strainer, and I’ve now learned 2 things today….

So there you have it – a lovely beginners’ cocktail bar set.  It’s small but cute and I think that somebody I know is going to really love it.

I think this would suit somebody who is having or recently had their 18th birthday, somebody who just had their first term at University or who just moved into a new flat.

It maight pair nicely with a bottle of vodka, or some of the fancy mixers that are only available at this time of year.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these sets, then fill in the Rafflecopter below.

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