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The Power of One

Causing change and making a difference starts with one person and their behavior: You.

That knowledge can feel both overwhelming or empowering. On one hand, putting your focus on yourself can feel easier than believing the whole world has to change in order for something great to happen. On the other, it can feel like a huge mountain to climb all by yourself.

Take heart; it’s great news to learn that the best and easiest way to make a change in the world is by making changes in yourself first. Being responsible for your own actions is plenty to manage on the way to influencing others.

When tragedy strikes, there are usually two reactions: depression, or an urge to make certain this doesn’t happen again. Two people can face the same loss and have radically different reactions. One person may fall into deep depression and retreat from life, and the other may use their issue as a starting point for making a difference.

People tend to make their biggest impact in areas that mean a lot to them. A child who struggled with not having enough food to eat growing up might work as an adult to end hunger. Someone who didn’t have access to education might spend their time promoting literacy.

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There are as many unique ways to make a change as there are people on this planet. Let’s look at ways you can make an impact. Ask yourself these easy questions – get your notebook and doodle some answers to them.

  • What is something I feel strongly about?
  • In what ways do I naturally give my time and my resources to help others?
  • What am I gifting of myself in my relationship to my community?
  • In what area of my character do I receive the most compliments?
  • What events have happened in my life to create space for concern and empathy for others?
  • What are the things I know how to do that can make life easier for others?

Asking yourself these simple questions will get you thinking about what matters to you, and what personal and unique experiences you have had that can help you make an impact. You will realise that you already have the tools in your arsenal to do something, somewhere, that will ripple forth and make a change for the better.

If you are reading this course as a blogger or prospective blogger, you may find something of the subjects that should appear in your blog among your answers to these questions. The best blogs flow naturally from the passion of the writer.

Move forward with confidence that you can make an impact, and that no matter how insignificant you feel in the grand scheme of things, you are actually vital and very much needed.

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