Are you the sort of person who gives their dog a Christmas present? Or are you going to a house for Christmas that has a dog and maybe you want to buy something for him/her?  Take a look at this dog treat balls set, and if you want to get your hands on one then fill in the Rafflecopter below.

But first, the review.

This is Sirius (big fluff) and Sykes (little fluff)

Sirius and Sykes – photos by Photographer in Training – Kirsty

In the way of all dogs, they are (mostly) good boys, but as they live with someone who is deskbound for the majority of the day, they do occasionally need a bit of stimulation, otherwise they will often go and find something to chew that I don’t want them to.

I do take them out for walks, but we also need to have little play sessions too. I have quite often given them chewy toys   -sometimes they last reasonably well and sometimes they get destroyed very quickly, particularly the ones marked ‘indestructible.’ My spaniel Sirius in particular, likes to chew to the point of destruction.

So when the guys from Petastik contacted me about this set, I will admit I was intrigued but not hopeful that these dog treat balls would last more than 5 minutes.

This product is available on Amazon prime -so you can get it the next day if you are suddenly invited to a house with a dog or if you want something new for your best friend to play with/chew. (NB the treats are not supplied so you can use whatever you normally feed your dog)

I’ll be honest the writing on the back could have been better translated, which didn’t add to my hope, but I persevered.

Inside the packet you get two treat balls and a cute little two compartment bowl.  My first thoughts were that the bowl was a bit small for dogs, and also a bit of an odd thing to mix in a pack with treat balls – after all I still have the bowls I bought when the dogs were puppies, whereas I probably have bought over 50 chew toys over the last few years.

But then I thought again – first of all this would make a lovely travelling water bowl for my 2 in the car, or secondly I could use this bowl specifically for giving them little treat rewards at the end of playtime or training.

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So then on to the balls. I had a bit of trouble at first as I filled the balls with Sirius the spaniel’s normal food, and it was too large for either of the dogs to get it out of the hole. Even I had a lot of trouble removing it again once I realised what the problem was.

So I filled them instead with some of Sykes the poodle’s dried food, gave the treat balls to the dogs and they were off.

I wanted to take a lovely photo of both dogs playing with the  treat balls in the garden, but this is the best one I could manage

They ran around like nutcases, very excited with their new toys, then Sykes picked up his ball and went indoors so  I followed, but there was no way I was catching the two of them together. They did have a lot of fun though…

Sirius got quite excited by the ball, and realised that one of the ways to extract treats from it was to crunch the ball hard so that the food inside got smaller and would come out of the hole. Sykes preferred the chase it round the room approach which also worked well.

I was surprised at how well the balls lasted. The dogs were entranced with them for about 10-15 minutes and I ended up taking them away, thankfully still in one piece. Then I gave the dogs another treat using the new treat bowl.

dogs using treat bowl

So, overall I’m completely impressed. The balls are lovely, brightly coloured so you can find them in the garden and more durable than I expected and the bowl is quite useful too. The set I reviewed was the small set, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend these balls for a dog much larger or more powerful than a working cocker (Siri is about 17kg), but used in a supervised way he didn’t completely trash them. There is a set for larger dogs too but I’m not sure how big those balls are.

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