And so we come to that time of year, which people like to generally call ‘the holidays’. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas or both, there is a fair chance that you will eat a turkey dinner or two sometime over the next six weeks.

And if you are responsible for cooking one of the festive feasts, you will probably find yourself with the usual quandary of what to do with the leftover turkey, when nobody can stand the sight of it anymore.

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I thought I’d get ahead of you all and put together a series of fabulous leftover turkey recipes. 

To be honest I may not be cooking or eating a traditional turkey dinner at all this year, as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (I’m British) and I am going to my sister’s house on Christmas Day where they prefer beef for the Christmas meal .

I am a turkey lover though, so I may treat my family to some of these yummy dishes before Christmas, just to get my fair share. Maybe we might have turkey on Thanksgiving too, even though we are not officially celebrating.

10 yummy recipes to use up leftover turkey

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Turkey Skillet Pasta – An Italian in my Kitchen

Thanks Rosemary, this quick and easy pasta dish is just delicious, I’ve tried it with chicken but I will certainly consider this for turkey leftovers.

Recipe Here

Keto Chicken Enchilada Casserole – Gallaxy Gastronomy

Bethany says: This is the Tex-Mex Cheese dream you’ve been craving! Made with pantry staples like cheese, cream cheese, rotisserie chicken and enchilada sauce, this easy keto dinner recipe comes together in just 25 minutes. Perfect for an easy weeknight meal to use up leftover chicken or turkey.

Recipe Here

Turkey Marsala Pot Pie – Vikalinka

Julia says: Transform your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey leftovers into a delicious and comforting pot pie! Flavoured with a touch of Marsala wine, thyme and garlic, then baked topped with flaky puff pastry this cozy dish is a true winner!

Recipe Here

Leftover Turkey Turnovers – Mooshu Jenne

Jenne says: When it comes to these Leftover Turkey Turnovers we love to stuff them with turkey and stuffing. Additionally, if you have other leftovers like mashed potatoes you can place these inside with the turkey and stuffing. We love to use the cranberry sauce for a dipping sauce.

Recipe Here

Leftover Turkey Pizza – Upstate Ramblings

Anne says: This easy to make turkey pizza is a dinner you can have on the table in about 30 minutes. Skip take out tonight and create your own gourmet pizza. Leftover turkey makes it easy to make a mouthwatering yet simple dinner. The turkey (or chicken) is combined with bacon, spinach, peppers, onion and cheese on pre-made pizza dough.

Recipe Here

Chicken or Turkey Gluten -free Muffins – Go Healthy with Bea

Bea says: You can have these delicious muffins for breakfast, appetizers, bring them to a picnic, eat them with a salad for a quick lunch or dinner, bring them in your lunch box… And they are delicious!

Recipe Here

Chicken Verde Soup with Dumplings – a Pinch of Adventure

Emily says: One of my favorite things to do with leftover turkey, is to make this spicy and delicious soup! It’s so quick and easy.

Recipe Here

Cheesy Turkey Enchiladas – What a Girl Eats

Cynthia says: These leftover turkey enchiladas are a family-friendly dinner recipe that’s easy to make, and packed with Mexican flavors. I use leftover turkey, but any leftovers will do; cooked chicken, beef, and leftover pork work just as well.

Recipe Here

Air Fryer Turkey, Goats Cheese and Pesto Sandwich – Smack of Flavor

Samantha says: I like to serve this toasted sandwich with either chips, a side salad, soup, fries or just some fruit. It’s a great sandwich for lunch because it doesn’t take long to make but it is still super satisfying. 

Recipe Here

Turkey Coconut Curry Soup – Coffee Fit Kitchen

Alyssa says: This Turkey Coconut Curry Soup is full of vegetables, warm spices, and immune-boosting ingredients! 

Recipe Here

So did you find any good ideas for your holiday leftovers among my suggestions?   Please share your own favourites with links in the comments section. I will revisit this blog and add your favourite recipes in too.

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