I have written before about my wonderful  Robovac and how it has transformed my cleaning at home. Now I have been asked by the good folks at Eufy to promote their Cyber Monday salewhich is running for just 24 hours on Monday 26th November.

What is Cyber Monday you ask? Well, in America where the whole Black Friday thing comes from, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s not officially a holiday but most people take the day off, so the shops started offering a Black Friday sale event for people to visit the shops on that day.

Then some clever marketers thought it would be fun to extend the sale to the weekend and even to the Monday after the weekend – but, since most people are back at work on that day, this has traditionally become the day to make fantastic savings with online shopping. So Cyber Monday was born, which is now the biggest internet shopping day in America.

To encourage you to visit the Cyber Monday sale and tell all your friends about it, they have given me another Mynt Personal Shiatsu massager to give away to one of my lucky readers.  I have reviewed that product on my blog recently too and it is still working wonders on my back as I type this.

You definitely want one of these, so please enter the giveaway below!

Mynt shiatsu massager

Eufy Robovac Cyber Monday Sale

So, just to let you know about the amazing deals on the Robovac range, which will be available for just 24 hours from midnight Sunday to midnight Monday UK time in the Robovac Cyber Monday Sale

The Robovac 11C will be reduced from £259.99 to £179.99, a saving of £80 or 30% 

The mid-priced Robovac 11 is being reduced from £209.99 to £179.99, a saving of £30

Robovac Cyber Monday sale
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You can follow the link to the sale page as one of your entries to this giveaway on the Rafflecopter below. If you are entering this giveaway over the weekend,  you may not see the sale price on the Robovac page – if so, please bookmark the page and return to it on Monday 26th November when the deal will be posted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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