Winter is here with us, and with all the cold that the season brings, you may not be playing outside quite so much.  How about you try making some winter crafts with your child? These craft ideas will help you bond with your little one, and hep with their fine motor skills.

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Make a Snowman

It’s chilly out there but in many parts of the UK we don’t really get much snow.

However, you can let your children make snowmen indoors with a few simple materials. That way, they will have a feel of the season without leaving the house. When making snowmen, you can get as creative as you wish…

Sparkly playdough snowman

Making a playdough snowman is an excellent crafting activity with kids. Use a simple recipe to prepare the playdough. If you like, you can include glitter to create a shimmering snowy effect.

Work with the kids and let them mould the dough into a snowman shape. You can use googly eyes and cloves for the eyes. Use a thin ribbon to tie a scarf around the snowman. For extra personalisation, add custom ribbon or decorative tags and make this craft personal. For custom ribbon and stickers, check Wunderlabel to give your crafty project that finished touch.

Pompom snowman

Pompoms resemble the texture of snow. The good thing is they last longer than the real thing and don’t make your hands cold! Let the kids make the snowman body using white yarn pompoms. Use glass beads or any other suitable material for facial features.

Kids can make snow men from various other materials like paper, stone, socks, foam, candle and wood.

Paper snowflakes

Snowflakes are fun and easy for kids to make during winter. All you need is a pair of scissors and some colourful paper. Alternatively, you can let the kids colour the papers as they like.

As well as keeping the kids occupied, paper snowflakes are great for window decorations. Children also love to hang and hover the paper snowflakes midair, and they can also make jewellery from the snowflakes. Just let them exploit their creativity. You can help with gluing or taping the paper flakes to hang them where suitable.

Paper bear

The paper bear craft is a perfect winter activity for kids. It is simple and fascinating and your kids will love it. All you need is paper or newspaper, scissors, glue, and a circular object to draw and cut out circular pieces for the head, nose and other body parts. Let the kids assemble the papers into a polar bear. Use black paper on circular white paper for the eyes or use googly eyes. You can also draw and paint the muzzle and the eyes.

Plasticine penguin

This little penguin that’s made from plasticine looks like something worth trying. As for the colours, you can select them depending on your child’s creativity.

Snowy owl

With some extra paper and some glue, you can create a collage of anything you want. If you want to make a snowy owl that’s standing on a branch, glue pieces of cloth or paper together in your desired pattern. Cut out a small triangle to act as a nose. As for the eyes, you can use cupcake papers with a yellow circle at the centre.

Now you have a few crafts to help you enjoy winter and bond with your babies. Maybe you will be inspired to start crafting as a hobby for yourself as well.

All the best, and remember to have fun while you are at it!

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