We always knew our boy was going to be tall. He was long when he was born and never stopped eating from that moment forward. He has always been pretty much the tallest in his class and was frequently mistaken for 2-3 years older than his real age when he was a boy.

But when he hit puberty, things really started to escalate. First, he sailed past me and his ‘big’ sister in height (she wasn’t amused). Then sometime over this last year, and before his 14th birthday, he passed out his dad in height and tipped over the 6 foot mark. He’s a big handsome young man.

But although he is tall, there is not much of him. He needs a belt and/or an adjustable elastic waist for all his trousers and they all seem to last about 5 minutes before there is a rather too large expanse of sock and ankle sticking out of the bottom again.

Last year for school he was wearing the longest leg trousers that his school uniform shop provides, and this year we had to buy them from somewhere else (thankfully his school hasn’t complained yet).

Casual clothes are a nightmare too. He can wear shorts for 10-year-olds, so has no prblem in summer, but that doesn’t work for this time of year…

A lot of shops seem to believe that a man with 34-inch legs must be a big beefy chap with a sizeable waist, but that is not always the case…

So when I was contacted by online menswear brand Jacamo and asked if I would like to receive a few items of clothing to review, my first thought was to find out if there were any fashionable jeans that would fit my boy.

I was absolutely delighted to find that they do have a 35-inch leg pair of black skinny jeans, in a waist size that wouldn’t swamp him, so I ordered a pair of those right away.

And then, having ordered those, I let him choose a couple of tops to go with them. He chose this lovely teal coloured Capsule top, which comes in a long body length

And next he chose this Black Timberland top.

This is about the first time that he has chosen clothes of his own – normally he pays no heed at all to fashion or what he wears, so expressing an opinion on tops was a bit of a novelty to him.

Once I ordered the clothes they came really quickly and they were all exactly as advertised. My son says that the jeans are really comfortable to wear (he doesn’t need a belt with them!) and the tops, although light are really warm. He feels quite smart and grown up in them.

The company asked me to anonymise the photos as my son is a minor, so I have tried to artfully crop them at the chin, just like the models on the website.

As a parent, I am absolutely delighted to see that the jeans are almost a little bit long, and there is a bit of bunching at the ankle. These jeans may last us more than 3 washes! I’m kind of hoping he’s not going to grow a huge amount more than this, so he should get quite a bit of wear out of these. And the long body of the top is perfect and tucks in nicely.

And here he is in the Timberland top. He quite likes the all black look, as he plays bass guitar in a band, and fancies himself as a bit of a rocker. The sleeves of both tops are a nice length for him too (he has long arms as well as legs).

So overall, I am delighted and I will definitely look at Jacamo again when I am buying clothes for my son. And he seems pretty chuffed too, in as much as he ever expresses an opinion about clothes. At the very least, when he wears these, his dad will stop telling him that his trousers are too short!

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