Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or an office worker by day and mum at night, your life is probably hectic. Indeed, being a mum is already a full-time job, so it’s fair to say that you’ve got a lot on your plate. But, when the Internet is full of successful mamas who have launched their very own side hustle business, it’s impossible not to feel inspired.

However, there’s an important question to answer before to start your home-based business. Indeed, if you’re the kind of who never has the chance to drink a cup of tea without being interrupted by young children, you know how difficult it can be to do things for yourself. Launching a side hustle business is probably last on your to-do list, just after vacuuming the hall and putting the kids to bed.

You’ve already assumed that it would be nice to build an additional stream of income at some point in the future – perhaps when the children are older. Doing it now, though, doesn’t seem possible without losing your mind in the process. Can a busy mum make it work without going cuckoo?

You’ll be pleased to know that the answer to the question is yes. Yes, you can build your side hustle while juggling all of your other responsibilities. But you need a little help to make it work.

Here are some expert time-saving and organisation tips from mums that have been there before you…

1. Delegate where you can

Side hustling is, by definition, the art of creating a business on the side, during your spare time. In other words, you need to accept that some of your day-to-day responsibilities will interfere with your business. The key to keeping a cool head is to know that you don’t have to go through it alone.

The best-kept secret of successful work-at-home mums is careful delegating. You have to figure out ​where to find the competent and local services​ you need. When you entrust your problems to a professional, you can not only free up time for yourself – aka the time you would have needed to solve it –, but you also Keep control of your stress levels.

2. Maximise your productivity

When you have only a limited amount of hours to dedicate to your side hustle, you need to make the most of each minute. You can’t afford to waste your precious time checking social media platforms online when you should be working on a blog post, for instance. Using ​an app that can block distractive URLs​ when you work, can be game-changing.

Similarly, if you want to maximise your productivity, you need to know the best IT tips and shortcuts, such as https://setapp.com/how-to/copy-and-paste-on-mac​ that let you go through your tasks quickly. To work efficiently, you need to be smart about how you use your time!

3. Set your schedule and stick to it

Here’s the most important thing you have to remember: working at home when you have children is hard. That’s precisely why you need to define a routine that works for you and your family,

It’s a good idea, for instance, with young children, to plan your work when they’re asleep. With toddlers, waking up early can let you tackle some tasks while they’re still sleeping – the same principle applies to evening work. If you have older kids, you can also schedule your work while they’re at school.

4. Take regular breaks

You are not a superhero. You need to recharge your batteries now and then to keep your mind sharp and rested. The belief that you have to give 110% all the time to bring your side hustle business to life is preposterous. Nobody can give 110%. You have to allow yourself to rest.

Take time to pamper and look after your skin, for instance, or visit friends for a cup of tea and a chat. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do as long as you find something that helps you to release the pressure.

5. Get help with the number crunching

What is the first thing you think about when you picture your successful side hustle? If it’s money, then your next thought is probably worrying about taxes. If you’re not used to self-assessment taxes – or even corporate taxes if your side hustle is an LTD – you might find yourself shopping online for accounting books. Don’t bother with any of

those. When you’re working on a tight schedule, you can’t afford to learn a new skill. The best home-based businesses rely on bookkeeping tools such as ​https://zapier.com/blog/accounting-bookkeeping-software-freelance/​ to keep track of all financial transactions and duties.

6. Set up a proper home office

Starting a side hustle at home might need some home improvement, and decoration works first. Of course, you can go through your emails and blog posts sitting at the corner of the kitchen table or the couch, but you might be more productive if you can find a dedicated space when you can concentrate and be creative.

Your home office should be a quiet spot at home, maybe an unused alcove under the stairs or the guest bedroom. You need a place where you will not be disturbed when you work (as far as possible) and your work things will not need to be moved too. You don’t need much to make it work; a desk, a chair and a fresh coat of paint on the wall can transform the room.

7. Keep yourself refreshed

Whether you’re a coffee or a tea drinker, you need to introduce a work routine. Starting with a freshly brewed cuppa sets the mood just right. Coffee is said to improve your brain function and makes you feel more attentive. But tea, black or green, also contains caffeine, which means that it has the same effect as coffee. When you sit at your desk with a warm cup, you let your brain know that you mean work.

As many successful mums have discovered before you, it is perfectly possible to introduce a side hustle into a busy family life when you are organised and dedicated. If you know how to schedule your day and your work effectively, you can make room in your household to create an additional source of income. And, best of all, you can maintain your sanity in the process too!

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