Disclosure: I received a free bouquet of flowers from Prestige Flowers for this review

It’s starting to come to that time of the year. Exams and tests are all done and in many cases, the school reports are already written. The kids are counting down to the holidays too and so are the teachers, who must be exhausted at this point.

And every mum blogger in the universe is talking about thank you presents for teachers, teaching assistants, special needs supporters, nursery staff, and all the folks who make school and nursery a wonderfully safe and enriching place for our children.

My sister is a primary teacher, and I know she really appreciates the presents and cards she gets from her class – it really makes it all worthwhile. So yes, I’ll be doing that too (although not so much now that my children are in secondary). But do you know who else I’m buying thank you flowers for?

Who was one of the major people who helped steer these lovely young people through a very important year with GCSEs and other fun stuff? Who kept them working and helped them to organise their time, and who looked after their mental health and helped to calm and soothe them when things got too much?

I bet you ‘ve guessed it – I’m buying flowers for myself to say thank you for all the hard work I put in this year, and for the fun that I’m going to have over the next six weeks while the (not so) little darlings are at home.

Admittedly my daughter started this idea – she did actually buy me a bouquet of roses to say thank you to me for taking her to school every morning when she had her GCSEs and keeping her sane. But now that they are starting to fade I’ve decided to reward myself with flowers too.

Or at least I was going to, until the lovely people from Prestige Flowers stepped in and did the job for me.

So, of course, I said yes to the free bouquet of flowers, and they arrived the very next day. Even the box they came in looks fancy – I would love to receive a surprise delivery like this

Inside the box was a lovely little gift card, with a handwritten font inside – there is space to send a really heartfelt message to somebody here

And then the flowers themselves – don’t they fill the box beautifully?

The bouquet I received was the Perfect Peonies Bouquet – which is featured in the Birthday Flowers section of the website.

I’m not great at identifying flowers, but the description given says :

As the gorgeous Cerise Peonies take centre stage in this bouquet, they are beautifully complemented by Mauve Memory Lane Roses and pure White Stallion Chrysanthemums. We have added height and texture to the bouquet by including Pink Peronica and Crème Stocks. For that splash of green, we also included Thlaspi Green Bell to the arrangement. This beautiful floral gift makes an excellent gift for all occasions.

What I do know is that they look and smell gorgeous, and they have been very expertly arranged and tied, so really all I needed to do was add water and the supplied plant food to a vase, cut an inch off the stems at the bottom and remove the tie, and just plop them in.

Once I had done that, there were the chocolates to attend to – four little tiny chocolate truffles in a little gift box. That’s just the right amount to wolf them all yourself and not to have to share, or is that just me? They were delicious!

So all in all, I’m really pleased with the service from Prestige flowers from start to finish. The service was quick,efficient, and my delivery guy was lovely. the flowers are beautiful,and the chocolates are yummy.

I consider myself well and truly thanked, and I would certainly use this company for any other flower gifts that I might be sending to people this year.

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