#Ad Gifted. So I have two dogs, two very different personalities, and two very different styles of eating. Feeding time can be a bit of a problem, as you will see.

Sirius (left) and Sykes -photo by Everyone Photography

So to start off with we have Sirius. Sirius, as you can see is a working cocker spaniel. If you have ever come across this breed you will know that they are very active, full of beans and very slightly mad.

Sirius will eat anything that stays still long enough. He eats at full speed – always eats first and thinks later. I never have a problem with feeding him or giving him medicine – my only problem is persuading him to slow down a bit, or stopping him from eating things that he shouldn’t, like food from the kitchen counter, wooden spoons and socks…

Siri is 7 years old but still eats and moves like a puppy.

And then there is Sykes. Sykes is a toy poodle, a very big personality in a tiny body. He is feisty and not afraid of anything, especially not Sirius, but sometimes it is difficult to feed him.

Some people would call Sykes fussy. He likes to take his time over his food and happily walks away when he has had enough – he likes to keep his figure in trim. Some days he just doesn’t eat at all, but he maintains his weight and is just fine, so I try not to worry. I’ve never known a dog who knows when to stop and keeps himself slim despite being a bit spoiled, but Sykes is just such a dog.

Sykes used to be my mum’s dog, and when she had him she would just leave dry food down for him all day so he could pick at it when he wanted to. But that doesn’t work in this household. Once the food hits the floor, Sykes has about 30-40 seconds maximum to eat his food, before Sirius has finished his and comes to see what is left in Sykes’ bowl.

Sykes with mum

So this week I have been contacted by two different pet food suppliers, and in the interests of fairness, I gave them each the challenge of feeding one of my dogs.

So first up is HIll’s Pet Nutrition and I asked them to send me a product for Sirius. The food they gave me was a packet of Hill’s Science Plan food for Mature Adult Dogs 7+ with Chicken

I’ve heard of the Science Plan before – I’m fairly certain they sell it at my vet, and I also used to feed my cat Science Plan when I had her long ago (before children). So this food comes with a long list of recommendations.

I’m pleased to see that the food is advertised as being without preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings. It also promises the following benefits:

  • Joint and Mobility support with Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Balanced sodium and phosphorous to sustain healthy vital organs
  • Easily digestible for optimum nutrient absorption

This all sounds great – I hate to think that at 7-8 years old my dogs are moving into the later stages of middle age, but it’s true. Many dogs of their age have creaking joints and the beginnings of various diseases, so a bit of nutritional support is a very good thing

When I opened the packet, the first thing that struck me was the easily recognisable smell of chicken – the kibbles certainly smell meatier and more substantial than my current brand. They also feel slightly greasier and oilier too – I take that as a good sign. But of course, I’m not going to do the final taste test – what remains to be seen is what Sirius made of them.

So I made a quick video (and it was a very quick video indeed):

I think it’s safe to say that Sirius loves the Science plan, as he polished it off in 45 seconds flat, despite the baffles in his bowl.

As to his general health and energy levels – well they have always been high and after letting him eat the Science Plan for a week I can confirm that it certainly maintains him at his usual rate of high energy and general nuttiness.

So I’m afraid Sykes has even less time than usual to get his act together and eat, as Siri is now on the case even faster than normal.

Maybe I need to try Sykes on the Science plan too? The version I tried for Sirius is a bit too large to be Sykes main food – he would certainly not be up to chewing so much at mealtimes. However, I gave him a couple of pieces as treats for good behaviour and he does seem to like it. And thankfully Hill’s do also have a variety of food with smaller kibbles for mini dogs like Sykes.

So this review has definitely been a success, and I would consider the Science Plan as a possible diet that I will feed my two as an occasional change from their usual brand.

Watch this space for another pet food review in a few days when I try another food with Sykes in mind.

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