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Come and join the Blogging Mums Club on Facebook and join in with our online blogging conference. More details below

I can honestly say that starting a blog in 2010 has been completely life-changing for me. It was kind of a hobby at first, but it has developed into a way of life and enabled me and my children to have so many opportunities and me to make so many online friends, not to mention providing an income for us.

7 years ago today I signed on the dotted line, and took over Mum’s the Boss, freeing the founders to go on to their new projects. I added Mum’s the Boss to my existing blog Motivating Mum, then merged the two in 2016.

Starting a blog this Autunmn? Come to our conference

I’m not one of these star bloggers making millions, but I have discovered a hobby and a passion that can also generate money, and it’s enabled me to use my brain and be a bit more than just mum, while I stayed at home with my children.

Starting a blog, meant that I had a support system and a sounding board as I went through many of life’s ups and downs, including grief, menopause and some of the icky bits of parenting. It has kept me sane on so many occasions.

So having gained so much from blogging, I also like to help new bloggers and give back some of the benefits that I have received

The Blogging Mums Club

A few years ago, I set up a group on Facebook called the Blogging Mums Club. My original aim for this group was to create a blogging circle where a few of us could share our posts, comment on them and help each other’s blog rankings.

Several years later, and we do still do that a bit in the group, but we also help each other in so many other ways. The group is open to all current and prospective bloggers and we help and support each other, making friends along the way

Here are some comments from members of the group. There are over 4,000 of us now, which is just amazing!

OMG, I didn’t realise quite how clueless I was till I arrived here! It’s true to say, ‘You do not know, what you do not know’! So many useful snippets of advice, great to chat to other people in the same situation and to learn from others that are ahead of you. I’m so grateful to have found you! 

Vicki Page from Secret Vent

I feel like the regulars on here are my friends. I come on here when I need to touch base with my blogging community and I know I’ll always find good advice, friendly chat and interesting reads. Also, I have to thank Debbie so much because your blog and the posts you share in this group have taken me from starting a blog on WordPress with 3 viewers a day to a Self Hosted website with at least 20 viewers a day and I am still growing! The shared posts and advice from others has also helped me destress and gain a lot of time back! Thank you to each and every one of you!

Erin Laura McIver -Mother of all that is Perry
Starting a blog

I’m new to blogging and although I’ve always loved writing, I was rather clueless about the ins and outs of blogging itself.
I stumbled across the group by accident, and now I don’t know how I’d manage without it! It’s filled with incredibly talented and smart women who’ve created a genuinely supportive place to ask questions and to share all the high and lows of the blogger’s life!

Joanna Kingsley of My Anxious Life

The Blogging Mums Club was my first step into the blogging community. Before that I had no idea how supportive and helpful other parenting bloggers were. It contributed to me falling in love with blogging, both writing my own and reading other people’s. 

Josie Cornhill, Me Them and the Others

If it wasn’t for this group, I would probably have given up blogging by the end of month one. When you start out, planet blog is a lonely and confusing place, and nothing feels right until you find your tribe. I found mine right here. A bunch of fabulous ladies ready to catch me when I wobble. But even better than that, there are always people you can help here too, even if you don’t know a great deal. And that’s what makes it a community.

Anita Faulkner Brazen Mummy Writes

The Blogging Mums Club Conference – Everything you need for starting a blog and growing it

So, after a few years of just running the Facebook group as a support group I’ve decided to build out from it and help bloggers even more. From September 23 – 30th 2019 we will be running an online blogging conference.

If you have ever been to a blogging conference you will know that you always leave inspired and full of ideas, ready to put them all into practice. This conference will be just the same, except that you don’t even have to leave your house. You can listen to the talks on your sofa, with your children around you, whilst breastfeeding, in bed, or anywhere else.

If you upgrade your ticket from the free entry to the All-Access Pass, you can watch any of the talks, as often as you like for a whole year. So whenever you do get the chance to sit down and upgrade your blog the inspiration will be right there at your fingertips

The talks are for all levels of bloggers, from absolute beginners to people who are established and want to grow and get better.

Topics covered include:

  • Starting up your blog
  • Website design and building
  • Blog systems and Planning
  • How to get sponsored work
  • Vlogging and podcasting
  • SEO
  • List building
  • Time management

There is something for everybody here, so I hope that you will come along and enjoy it.

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